Superbowl What?!

Right now the Superbowl is on. Having not watched a single game this season, I don’t really care. Well, I’m writing a blog post so yeah, no interest.

Earlier this week I saw the cutest Superbowl commercial and I am pretty sure no commercial will come close to it. Which one was it?

I mean, it can’t be any more adorable!

Today, aside from being Superbowl Sunday, was race day.

80 degrees and sunny, perfect conditions for sailing. Oh, minus the whole wind part. The first couple of marks were brutal. I think at one point we stopped completely. Maybe not totally but it felt like it.

Look at this glass:



But it was sunny out so no complaints here! Finally got to break out the sunscreen! I even got tan lines from today!!!


It was a slow race, a very slow race. The breeze would give us little teasers here and there but nothing to exciting. Something happened at the last mark, something big! We got breeze!!

We were in 2nd place as we approached the last mark. The lead boat tried to carry their spinnaker through but that didn’t work out for them as it did stop them completely. While they rushed to raise their jib and drop their spinnaker, we rounded the mark and took the lead.

We maintained the lead for the rest of the race. 1st place!!!

Most of the time I am up on mid-deck but today I sat in the cockpit working the main sail.

My office this afternoon

My office this afternoon (sorry for the blurry pic, that is how it came out but I kind of like the blurry feel to it)

My job - working main

My job – working main

The last week here has been cold and rainy. Today was nothing but blue skies. To my readers in the cold, this is for you!


All you need in a cooler! (and surprisingly, I didn't have a rum drink today, just a bottle of water)

All you need in a cooler! (and surprisingly, I didn’t have a rum drink today, just a bottle of water)

And we are done watching the game, switching over to the new episode of Top Gear!

Before I go, I leave you with this cute gem of a pic. Someone beat me to my mat this morning.

Slightly puppy obsessed :)

Slightly puppy obsessed :)

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