Savasana-ing Lika A Pro

I have been in yoga teacher training for 4 months now (1 weekend a month). I have been working on flows, practicing them to see how they feel, filming them to see how I sound and listening to music to see what will work for the class.

Along with working on flows, I have been working on savasana and “perfecting” it. Found some stellar songs to go with it. And today was my chance to teach it for the first time outside of teacher training!

Today at lunch a couple of girls from my team went downstairs to the gym to do yoga, via video. When the video class hit savasana, I took over and did my savasana.

It took me a few seconds to find my voice, so to speak. Once that came in, it was smooth sailing.

Afterwards, they gave me feedback and I asked questions to see what they thought. The good thing about practicing with friends is they will give you honest reviews. The word usage was great, the music was great, and they really liked it. Only need improvement was to go just a little bit slower at certain points.

I knew I was going slightly fast in some spots so I need to consciously slow it down.

Overall it was such an amazing experience. All the work and practice starting to come together!


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3 responses to “Savasana-ing Lika A Pro

  1. Yay, glad you were confident enough to jump in and you got some good feedback too!

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