New Fence is Coming…

….Must rent machinery!!!

The title says it all, we are finally getting a new fence for our backyard. A while ago, OK, a long while ago, a tornado blew through the neighborhood and it destroyed some things. It destroyed our fence on one side. Some of neighbors had it way worse than us. Sheds ripped up, trees destroyed, and one family lost their house (they have a new one there now).

So finally we are having a new fence put in this week, YAY!!!!!!! Let me tell you, we have two boxers that are going to freak out over this!!!

Along with Baron and Ava being happy about this, Colin was as well.

Instead of paying the fence people to come and remove the old fence posts, we decided to do it ourselves. We also needed a couple of tree stumps removed so just do it all at one time. In order to this we had to rent an EXCAVATOR!!

Cue Tim “The Toolman” Taylor here, ARR ARR ARR!! If you ever watched Home Improvement in the 90s, you know what I am talking about!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!


Time to start digging!!!!

Time to start digging!!!!

Brandon Rental showed up at 9am to drop off the excavator and were scheduled to pick it back up at 4pm. We had 17 fence posts that were in concrete to remove as well as 3 trees stumps. We had our work cut out for us. Our hope was we would have enough time to get it all done.

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Another victim!

Another victim!

One by one the posts came out! As you can see in the pic above, we had a nice stack of wood starting to pile up. By the end of the day this pile was huge. It also had sister piles of trees and wood. BIG FIRE!!!!

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit

After all the posts were out, it was time to clean out the corner of the house where some “evil plants from hell” were as well as a tree that was rubbing up on the house (that’s it in the above pic). Evil plants from Hell = green spiky things that hurt when they touch you!

We saved the “fun” job for last. We had a dead palm tree that needed to be removed. Quite sad actually, we loved this palm tree but it died on us :(

unnamed (1)

Colin did most of the work with the excavator but don’t think I didn’t get in on the fun! This was the start of digging the palm out. My shirt says, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”. It’s one of my favorite workout shirts (thank you Kristin at Stamped with a Heart). The only thing with wearing it yesterday is it was high of 90 and the humidity was at 63%, basically it was HOTl! I definitely was not sparkling, I was in full on sweat mode. Darn Florida summers!!



This poor excavator didn’t have the power to pull this palm stump out. We tried everything and nothing work. Way too much for this little guy to handle.

Eventually we had to throw in the towel. We dug the hole a bit deeper and buried it in the hole. What do you think the chances are a whole bunch of palm trees will now grow in that area?!?! oh to dream!



We wrapped up with the excavator a few minutes before 4 and had time to give it a quick hose down before the rental place came to pick it up. Renting this was the most brilliant idea ever!!!!! Made this job so much easier, seriously! The yard is only a little bit tore up, well it is a lot tore up but grass grows back quick ;)





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6 responses to “New Fence is Coming…

  1. Ohh my gosh, you are sooo cute!! I miss you!! I hope you’re doing fabulously!! You look amazing and I’m glad you’re getting a new fence!! Yaay!! I hope your yoga teacher training is FUN!!! XOXO!!!

  2. Wow, looks like quite the project! Sorry about the tornado, but glad everyone is safe!

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