Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 5

5 months into training!! I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. Always a student!!

This weekend’s training was titled, “Salutations”. Actually quite appropriate as we had 7 new people join the training!

And that means I am no longer a newbie!! We have a rolling enrollment style training. There are not only 200 hour students starting at different times, there are also 500 hour students in our training as well. There were 6 people starting in my group back in April. It is still crazy to think I am 5 months in!!!

Before I get into the training weekend, an awesome thing happened yesterday! I taught my first full flow!!! Some of my co-workers and I headed to the gym during lunch and I taught my sequence and savasana! They gave me some solid feedback and I have some things to improve on, mainly cues. Especially for people brand new to yoga. AHHHHHHHHHH! yeah, that is how exciting it was! Always enjoy the small victories!

OK, back to training weekend :)

Here are the highlights:

  • Ashtanga class. Heard of it yes, practiced it no. Our guest did about a 20 minute intro as to what Ashtanga was and then we did an hour and a half Ashtanga practice. Intense!!! It was also pretty awesome.
  • Introduction into the Bhagavad Gita. We had an introduction to it on Saturday. That intro was to get us ready for Sunday in which we had two presenters come in from the Hindu Temple and speak about it to us in more detail.

I haven’t really started reading the Bhagavad Gita yet, still working on the Yoga Sutras. And Ashtanga was a new experience for me as well. Basically those are two topics you are better off using Google for cause I am still working on learning them myself :)

  • Salutations and Standing postures!! This month our focus was on the anatomy of Salutations and Standing postures, creating a sequence focusing on these postures, then practice teaching them in small groups. That was fun! No joke!
  • Yoga for Youth. Our teacher has just spent a week getting her Kids Yoga Certification so she had lots of great information to share with us!

One part was Toe-ga! This is a real thing and even has a song. You take the craft pompoms and put them in the center of the room. Everyone starts on their mats then on “GO”, everyone runs to the center collecting the pompoms with their toes. The goal is to bring as many back to your mat as you can.




To round out the night, we made mala beads. One of the 500 hour students, Viki, makes mala beads for her business They are absolutely beautiful. For the class demonstration, we used craft beads but it was good to learn how to make malas.


  • Graduation Classes – We had two people graduate this weekend. Rachel graduated with her 200 hour and Lyman graduated with his 500 hour. Both classes were exceptional! hard to imagine I will be doing a graduation class!  For 500 hour graduates, their graduation classes are done more workshop style. The two that I have been in, it starts with a lecture of sorts followed by a asanas (poses).


  •  Graduation Prep Teaching – next month there are 3 students graduating. Leading up to their graduation, they start teaching more and longer segments to get them ready for their graduation class.

Group photo

  • Mantra and Throat Chakra – We end every training weekend with Mantra Study and a Chakra presentation. The mantra focused on “Beyond Fear”. I put the Sanskrit of the mantra below and the translation along with it. During this part, I lay on my mat with an eye pillow and just relax. I find it is the perfect relaxing way to end the weekend.

Seriously, another amazing weekend! I am so glad I decided to embark on this journey!


Shante Prasante

Sava Bhaya

Upasha Mani Swaha

“Invoking the spirit of the supreme peace, I offer up the energy of fear to the universal formless mind”

yoga bubble

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