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The Perfect Day

Yesterday it was back to sailing! Sunday race was on!


The wind dropped out some before the race so I thought it was going to be a long and slow race. However, the wind gods blessed us with more wind so the race went by fast!

I have no idea what place we finished in but I do know there was rum! And if there is rum, aren’t we all winners?!?

Rum and Rail

Rum and Rail



Between the 52 mile bike ride yesterday and the sailing my body was spent. As soon as we got back from sailing I hit the couch and had what can only be considered the greatest nap of all time. No joke!!!



Sailing, Cycling and Doug Stanhope!

This week has been SO busy!

Monday night I got in about a 11 mile ride in after work. Have I mentioned how much I love this time change!!

cycling 1

And Endomondo sent my March statistics. Boom, I burned 8,000 calories! Can only imagine what April’s will be since I am already at like 6,000 calories!!


Tuesday night hubby and I went to see Doug Stanhope at the Improv. He is freaking hilarious! IMG_20140408_220357[1]

Here’s Doug:


Wednesday night had to work late. Then Thursday…..WE RACED!!!

It was the first official race of the series! I always love the first race. Everyone comes out to sail. Just a fun vibe at the yacht club.


Sailing around waiting for the start of the race

Sailing around waiting for the start of the race



Race committee

Race committee

I tried to do tree pose on the bow. Moving sailboat + rum = Tilted tree :)

I tried to do tree pose on the bow. Moving sailboat + rum = Tilted tree :)


The race was fantastic! The wind was up, the weather was perfect and we were on! We ended up coming in 1st place. Not a bad way to start out the first race of the season!

As we crossed the finish line, we got to see a beautiful sunset!



Today we set off to ride 52 miles on our bikes along the Pinellas Trail. The plan was to start out in Downtown St Pete and ride 26 miles to Dunedin Brewery for lunch then head back to Downtown St Pete.

We made the first 26 miles, split a beer and some pretzel bites.


After that is was time to ride the 26 miles back to Downtown.

The first mile back on the bike, mile 27, was kind of tough. Then my quads warmed up and all was ok again. Had some great miles, the struggled for a couple of miles (was properly rehydrating and eating homemade energy bars) then was back on par again.

We ran out of water and Gatorade at the perfect time! We came across this store along the trail. IT WAS HEAVEN SENT!!!

THANK YOU for existing where you do bike shop!

THANK YOU for existing where you do bike shop!

Great place to refuel and snaps some pics

Great place to refuel and snaps some pics. Yes that is blue painters tape holding on the sunscreen ;)

On the first 26 miles, these over passes were cute and fun. On the way back, not so much. The downhills were pretty sweet though!

On the first 26 miles, these over passes were cute and fun. On the way back, not so much. The downhills were pretty sweet though!

More of the trail

More of the trail

Once we were restocked with fluids, it was back to it.

This was our first attempt at such a long ride, up until this point the most we have done is 20 miles. Needless to say, 52 miles was ambitious, totally doable, but ambitious.

My pace definitely slowed at the miles went on. The way to Dunedin I was clocking 15mph, the way back it was more like 12mph.

Miles 6 – 2 SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were the worst of the entire ride. My feet were in such pain. Not cramping, pain. Each push of the pedal was horrible but I kept pushing on.

I knew we were so close to the end I wasn’t going to stop! With 2 miles to go, we could see Topicana Field (where the Tampa Bay Rays play). We knew it was just a bit further.

The pain in my feet went away, my pace picked up a little (a small little, both our legs were done at this point).

Before we knew it, we were back at the parking garage.







Huge fan of this song, maybe it’s the sailor in me, or maybe it’s my ADD BABY!

Yesterday was Thursday and that means SAILING IS BACK FULL TIME!!

During the winter months on Thursday we only race once a month on the full moon. When we Spring forward, the races are every Thursday night.

Not everyone  races in the winter months but they all come out to play in the Spring/Summer. The vibe is so much fun!

Last week and this week the races are “Green Flashes”. Meaning they don’t count toward the race series, so racing for fun :) There were about 35 boats out there last night.

Next week there will be more. Suncoast Raceweek started today so a lot of boats were there yesterday.



We had rum, shocker I know!

Sailing around waiting for the start of the race

Sailing around waiting for the start of the race


And the most epics of sunsets post race.


It was such a great night. It was breeze on before the race started but as the starting time got closer the breeze died out some. We ended up 2nd in our class…granted there were only 2 boats sailing in our class last night ;)

OH, I also got some new bracelets from Pura Vida Bracelets. I LOVE these bracelets. My order arrived in no time at all. The quality of the bracelets are great! The best part, every bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. PURA VIDA!


Looking at them makes me remember our trip there. The beauty, the food, the fun, the love, the hospitality and niceness of the people, everything!

Same beach, same lunch

Same beach, same lunch

Stop for lunch on our way to Santa Teresa

Stop for lunch on our way to Santa Teresa

The day we arrived in Costa Rica. This is Atenas

The day we arrived in Costa Rica. This is Atenas

Alright guys, time for some quality time with the hubby!


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Last Sail of the Full Moon Series

Ello, ello!

Last night was the last race of the Full Moon Series. That means that in 2 weeks time the weekly Thursday night races start back up! WOO HOO!!! Rum, wind and sailing…my kind of life ;)

Usually with the Full Moon races it is already dark when the race starts. However, we changed the clocks forward on Sunday so the sun was still shining at the start of the race. It made for a hell of a sunset one the last leg of the race.  

At the dock getting the boat ready to race

At the dock getting the boat ready to race

And the same time as the above picture, just the opposite direction

And the same time as the above picture, just the opposite direction

Pre-race cruising

Pre-race cruising

Another pre-race pic and the yacht club in the background

Another pre-race pic and the yacht club in the background

Racing toward the first mark

Racing toward the first mark or chasing the moon, however you want to look at it

What a view!!!

What a view!!!

Overall it was a great race. There was one boat we had to beat in order to win this series. There were a couple of things that happened which if they hadn’t, we would have won. BUT they did and we ended up in second. We’ll take it!

One of those things is we ended up broaching. There were several events that lead to the broach but they don’t matter. They all happened then we had to fix this issue and get the boat back under control.

For those of you not familiar with a broach, it basically means hold on tight (or depending on what your job is, DO YOUR JOB, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO YOUR JOB!!!). Wikipedia will give you a more technical definition :)



Right before it happened, my job was on the starboard side of the boat trying to pull the jib into the boat, which was hard as hell to do because it was partly in the water. Then we were on our side.

Through awesome team work, we got the boat righted. Once it was back up and all was done, we were back on the rail and able to enjoy the beautiful sunset that was in front of us.

Life is good, life is beautiful

Life is good, life is beautiful

Aside from sailing, my husband and I both got our new road bikes this week! Tuesday night he got his, so Wednesday we did a 14 mile ride. Since mine didn’t come get here until last night, I was on my mountain bike for the Wednesday ride.

It basically rained 80% of that ride. It was awesome! Kept us cool and was very refreshing!

Looks wet! This shot was taken in the few minute break in the rain. Right after I put my camera away, BOOM, rain

Looks wet! This shot was taken in the few minute break in the rain. Right after I put my camera away, BOOM, rain

Colin's new ride

Colin’s new ride

Not bad consider I was on knobby tires :)

Not bad consider I was on knobby tires :)

Today we headed out to Flatwoods to ride so I could test out my new bike. There is a 7 mile loop which we rode twice. Then add 4 more miles because the ride in and out was 2 miles each way.

Right next to the parking lot there is a Chili’s so we peddled there for a post ride beer and lunch. Beer always taste better after working out :)

new bike


Alright, to end this post I leave you with two things. First, this pre-sail snuggle session with Ava yesterday. Too cute, right?!?!


And secondly, this pic of Baron from today during one of his nap times:


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Superbowl What?!

Right now the Superbowl is on. Having not watched a single game this season, I don’t really care. Well, I’m writing a blog post so yeah, no interest.

Earlier this week I saw the cutest Superbowl commercial and I am pretty sure no commercial will come close to it. Which one was it?

I mean, it can’t be any more adorable!

Today, aside from being Superbowl Sunday, was race day.

80 degrees and sunny, perfect conditions for sailing. Oh, minus the whole wind part. The first couple of marks were brutal. I think at one point we stopped completely. Maybe not totally but it felt like it.

Look at this glass:



But it was sunny out so no complaints here! Finally got to break out the sunscreen! I even got tan lines from today!!!


It was a slow race, a very slow race. The breeze would give us little teasers here and there but nothing to exciting. Something happened at the last mark, something big! We got breeze!!

We were in 2nd place as we approached the last mark. The lead boat tried to carry their spinnaker through but that didn’t work out for them as it did stop them completely. While they rushed to raise their jib and drop their spinnaker, we rounded the mark and took the lead.

We maintained the lead for the rest of the race. 1st place!!!

Most of the time I am up on mid-deck but today I sat in the cockpit working the main sail.

My office this afternoon

My office this afternoon (sorry for the blurry pic, that is how it came out but I kind of like the blurry feel to it)

My job - working main

My job – working main

The last week here has been cold and rainy. Today was nothing but blue skies. To my readers in the cold, this is for you!


All you need in a cooler! (and surprisingly, I didn't have a rum drink today, just a bottle of water)

All you need in a cooler! (and surprisingly, I didn’t have a rum drink today, just a bottle of water)

And we are done watching the game, switching over to the new episode of Top Gear!

Before I go, I leave you with this cute gem of a pic. Someone beat me to my mat this morning.

Slightly puppy obsessed :)

Slightly puppy obsessed :)


2014, There You Are


So we are 5 days into 2014, how are those resolutions coming along?

Sadly after almost 14 days off of work, I had to go back :( :( Yeah, I double sad-faced that.

On the plus side, being back at work means I have the gym back so at least I can make my lunch time productive. After taking New Years Day off from working out, Thursday I hit the gym for lunch. Ran my 2 miles then went to a Power Yoga class after work. Friday I broke my workout between running on the treadmill, the elliptical and stair machine.

Yesterday was Saturday and you know what that means…YOGA!

It was 50 degrees out yesterday morning. For a minute, or two, I debated staying in my warm house and warm pants but then realized that was lame. So I got up, got bundled, grabbed my yoga mat and headed to class.

Apparently quite a few other people had the same debate and their warm house and pants won. The class wasn’t as big as it usually is. I would consider this the Anti-Bikram class :)

Brr yoga

This class felt so LA. Girls in yoga pants, Starbucks coffee and a DJ spinning. It was totally fun!

Brr Yoga 1

There was a lot of laughter as we were all so cold, we are Floridians. Once it hits 65 degrees it might as well be – 50. We break out our warmest clothes and act like the world is freezing over. Pretty much it is if Florida has cold weather :)

After joking around and getting our mats set up, it was time for the DJ to start spinning and this yoga party to get started!!!!

Have you ever taken a class with a DJ spinning live? I loved it! It added more of a “Get ya pumped up” vibe. I found myself dancing to the beat in downward dog!

As our practice went on, all the warm layers started coming off. Maybe the dancing to the beat had something to do with that ;)  A few minutes after the class ended, some of those layers went right back on. Damn the BRRRR!!!

View from the mat

View from the mat

When class ended I hit up the farmer’s market to get a post yoga treat. Love pears!

Brr yoga 4

Today I started out with a  4 mile walk. I wore warm clothes thinking it would be chilly. WRONG! It was perfect outside. Decided to mix things up and headed over to some water to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Hey its the yacht club! Different view of it from what I usually post of it.



Then this afternoon we had a race. First race of the new year!!

There was definitely a lack of breeze before the race. Had to wonder if they were going to call the race. However, after a little praying to the wind and rum gods, there was some breeze. It wasn’t the kind of wind that would blow your skirt up but we took what we could get.




Nothing like laying down and relaxing during a race :)


It was weekend done properly!


Sailing Stories…

This past Thursday night was the last race of the 2013 Full Moon Series. It could not have been more perfect out.

Walking up to the yacht club for the race

Walking up to the yacht club for the race

Once out on the water, myself and girlfriend headed below to make some rum drinks for the crew.

Since it was dark out I borrowed a hat with built in lights so we could see the mass rum production we had going on!

Just me with possibly one of the coolest hats around

Just me with possibly one of the coolest hats around

We take this ish seriously!

We take this ish seriously!

At some point the full moon finally decided to join us on this “Full Moon Race”. It was nothing short of spectacular!

a5When the moon first came up it was this neat shade of orange but sadly none of our camera phones could capture its true beauty. Although this shot isn’t too shabby :)

As we approached the clubhouse we could see the Christmas lights upstairs and the party lights below. There was a Sweet 16 birthday party going on.Sorry for the blurry, its the best we could get.

We ended up 3rd for the night but I can tell you none of us cared. It was seriously one of the funniest sails. We didn’t stop laughing for a second. Great ab workout right?!


Alright, the title says “Sailing Stories” so guess I need one more story to share.

So last weekend we went to the boat show and while there, one of our good friends sold a sailboat. The gentleman that bought the sailboat lived in Naples which is where he kept the sailboat he traded in.

Colin and I were invited to join our friend deliver the boat back from Naples to St.Pete. The sail would be from Sunday through Monday. About 24 hours by calculations done.

I requested to have Monday off however, I didn’t get my request approved (well so I thought at the time). So on Sunday afternoon, I drove Colin and crew down to Naples so they could drive the boat back.

Sitting at the Naples City Dock enjoying the sunset and watching everyone get the boat ready, I couldn’t help but be sad that I didn’t get to go join in on the fun :(




The boat was so adorable. It was a 32′ Kirie Elite Mark II. The man that sold was an older man in his 70s. He was the first and only owner of the boat, which he owned with his wife until she passed away last year. It was so heartbreaking to hear him tell that story. They were married for 46 years.



Eventually it was time for me to drive the 2 & 1/2 hours back to Tampa and let them get on their way.

Not going to lie, I was slightly sulky that I didn’t get to go. Damn being a grown up, with a grown up job, with grown up responsiblity.

At the time I didn’t know it but it was a blessing in disguise. The sail was less than stellar, to put it mildly. The seas were rough, the boat was small and over powered, and there was a lot of sea sickness going around. Oh and it was also cold.

Plus it was only going 3 knots…ugh! When they turned on the motor Monday to start motoring back it was at 5 knots. Quote of the trip, “just passed a crab trap, slowly, very demoralizing”.

I got a text at 5am saying they weren’t going to make it to St Pete because they were going to dock the boat in Sarasota in the afternoon. It was time to get off that boat!! Completely understand that!

When I got to work on Monday I found out I did actually have the day off my boss and I just didn’t link up to discuss it (our work Christmas party was on Friday so we were all gearing up for that, and I asked Thursday afternoon).

Anyways, long story short, I left work early and drove down to Sarasota to rescue the crew. They were very happy!

The next day the captain and a friend finished the sail back from Sarasota to St Pete by motoring back at 7 knots in beautiful conditions.

Hoping to get a couple more sails in before the end of the year!


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Could You Be Anymore Random?

Saturday morning after my morning run, we headed off to the St Pete Boat show.

So many boats, so much money, so many dreams!

We made our way through the first tent of exhibits then worked our way over to the sailboats. There was one boat in particular  we were excited to see, the Beneteau Oceanis 38.


That is all I can say about it.  Check it out here: Beneteau Oceanis 38


I could have taken more photos of the inside but I was too busy drooling and picturing life at sea on this beauty. Just watch the video on the above link. It will tell you all about it. Including the optional pool that is $1700 euros. The pool is around the 2:38 mark.

One thing I really loved about the design is there is no bulkhead separating the forward berth and the salon. You can add a curtain or bulkhead but why?! The openness is so nice and roomy!!

Granted if it was more than one couple sailing I can see having the bulkhead or curtain but if it is one couple, open air all the way!

Such a beautiful boat. The Oceanis 41 was also amazing! Would love to sail it around the world!

There of course were other sailboat companies there like Jeanneau but the Beneteau’s stole my attention.

One of the coolest things at the show had to be this. One of the rudder’s from Oracle Team USA’s America’s Cup Catamaran was there. It was HUGE!!! America's CUp

After we were done fawning over the sailboats we made our way over to the yachts. Those were something. One we went on to tour had to be the most ridiculous boat I have ever stepped on. Honestly, I can’t remember the name of it but it pretty much was a mansion that floated!

Eventually we got boated out and headed home. “Can’t wait to go home and relax”. That was a quote by both of us.

So this is where things get random…

A little story to preface it though. Last week we sold my Kia. It had 98K on it and after some research it was determined it was time for Kia to go. 2 out of 5 stars for reliability. The first guy that looked at it bought it!

We had some good times me and Kia. 3 weeks after I got it, I made her get fresh with a pole in a parking garage. At the time I had a choice to pay $500 to get it fixed or go to Vegas with a girlfriend…I chose Vegas! Totally worth it :)



Oh the memories of dirt bike coming home in the back of it went I bought it over on the East coast (below), camping, road trips, broken necklaces, doing donuts, moving, the list goes on and on. It was fun Kia :)


OK, so back to the original story. Since we sold the Kia we have been on the hunt for used car. Nothing fancy, something around the $2500 – $3500 range give or take some.

Around 8 Colin came across a listing for a 99 Grand Jeep Cherokee with low-ish miles and in the range we wanted to spend. Looked like it was in great condition.

I called the guy to set up a time to come by and look at it. We would have went Sunday morning but we had a race at 1pm so time wise it wouldn’t workout. He was only 2 hours away from us and was ok with us getting to his place around 10:30 or so.

Well, we put the address into Google Maps and discovered he was actually close to Miami. Called him back and he said he would be up around 12 still and it was all good if we wanted to head down.

We packed up our jeep, loaded up the puppies and took off for Miami!!!

Instead of taking Alligator Alley, we took 27 instead, for various reasons. We headed down I-75 to link up with 27. Before hitting 27 we looked at the gas gauge and it said we had a half a tank left. Perfect, plenty of fuel to get us to the next gas station…

What we didn’t know was that the gauge had failed! Crikey!

We discovered this as we were on a “nothing nowhere around us” stretch of the road. All of a sudden the gas gauge went from half to empty and the gas light came on. OH S&$#*&%*!

Upon realizing how screwed we may be out in the middle of nowhere, we pulled up the map to find the closest gas station. Best bet we could figure was to turn around and hope we make it the 20-somethings miles to the gas station, and then hope they were open.

We made it, barely. Never have I been so happy to see a gas station. Filler up!

After getting our lifesaving gas, we jumped back on the road, MIAMI HERE WE COME!!!
Only we hit another hurdle, this one involved red and blue flashing lights. Sweet!

The cop was very sweet, she pulled us over because the lights on the license plate were out. She said we were going a little fast but she had no idea how fast we were going. She told us to get the light fixed and to be on our way.


Little after 1am we made it to the guys house! Look at the jeep, drove the jeep, bought the jeep!

When all was said and done, it was 2:30am and it was time to drive home. Since we had both pups, Ava rode with me and Baron rode with Colin. The entire 4 hours home, Ava tried to stay awake to keep me company. It was seriously the cutest damn thing!

ava sleeping

6:30am we made it home. That is being awake for 23 hours! TIRED! Came home and crashed.

Not sure when we got up but I can say we didn’t sleep long enough. Really just wanted to lay around and be lazy all day but there was a Sunday race. There was some sailing to be done!!!

It was a beautiful day on the water. Nice breeze, surprisingly enough crew and sunshine!

It was a fun, adventurous weekend!


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Regatta Time!!

Yesterday we raced in the Egmont Key Regatta! This race has going on since 1935 and at the end of the race when you get back to the clubhouse, the Commodore serves you chili.

It’s the same race I did back in January of this year. See that story here.

Last year it took us 10 hours to finish, this year it took us about 8 & 1/2! We finished 5th in our class!! Lucky number #5 is at it again!

We even had to round the #5 mark. Yes I took a picture and yes my husband called me a dork :)

Mark #5

Mark #5

Forecast called for a high in the 70s somewhere and as the day went on a front would be rolling in giving up 12 plus knots of breeze. It was pretty spot on and it made for an absolutely beautiful day!

Dock Time - 9:30am

Dock Time – 9:30am

Shot before we headed out to the starting box

Shot before we headed out to the starting box



Don’t all sailors use Nexus 7′s for their race?! Colin downloaded a great app that tracked knots, the course (which I will update this post if we can get the tracking of our course off of it!).




Approaching the Skyway Bridge:


Underneath the bridge. From underneath it seems so small but driving over it the bridge seems so massive!


Waving good bye to it on our way to the final mark before turning around and making out way back!

20131123_140429Right before we got to the Skyway the Cat had already rounded the final mark at Egmont Key and was heading back.

We made it to Egmont and back to the Skyway by 2:30pm. From the Skyway back to the climb is about 4 hours, depending on wind of course.

The weather forecast was spot on and the wind picked up. We hit over 15 knots for sure. Not sure how much but it got windy and it was fantastic!!

What also was fantastic was the sunset! I mean seriously, what beats this view!


We finished around 6:30 which wasn’t too bad. Improvement from the last time!

As usual there was chili upstairs following the race but after cleaning the boat up we just headed home. My mom was nice enough to come spend the day with her grandpuppies while we were out playing on the water.

Ava was sick the day before (I’ll spare the details) but we didn’t want to leave her too long alone.

Baron and Ava were very happy with our decision to come home right after the race. Colin and I ordered a pizza and geeked out to the 50th Anniversary special of Dr. Who, “The Day of the Doctor”.

It wasn’t a bad way to spend the first day of vacation! Oh that’s right, I’m on vacation!


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Giving Thanks – 16日目

Giving Thanks Day 16 is for Rainy Days!

There is something so relaxing about rainy days. The sound, the smell, the look, the feel. One of the best things about living in Florida is it will rain everyday in the Summer, guaranteed! Today it rained on and off, it was great!

Random fact about me, I do not own an umbrella. I enjoy walking in the rain, sometimes even twirling around in it :)

Some of my favorite rainy day things include:

Snuggling up on the papasan chair with Baron drinking a beer: IMG_20130822_185616

Doing outdoor yoga…in the rain. This was a pic from this morning. It definitely added an element to the yoga class.547865_10152024721192128_500959476_n

Windows open listening to the rain, Van Morrison playing on the record player drinking a glass of wine:IMG_20130810_185235

Hiking up in Utah up in the mountains and it start raining:P1000766

This was the same trip, different day and different set of mountains. We were about 700ft from the top of the mountain which was 11,500ft when a storm rolled in. Sideways rain, lightning, insane wind and HAIL. No kidding, hail. I had packed ponchos for the previous day’s hike (above) but luckily we didn’t use them so I pulled them out and we used them for this hike. The full recap is here.


Enjoying the rain in the backyard:


Going for a hike with my husband around the neighborhood and it starts pouring. Nothing like taking shelter underneath some trees and truly appreciating nature at its finest.



Being at the dock getting the boat geared up and having the sky look like this before a race. I rather enjoy sailing in the rain. Granted lightning isn’t so cool, just remember to stay away from the big metal thing in the middle of the boat!

Pre-race sky

Being on a motorcycle trip and getting to the hotel right before the sky opens up. I don’t mind riding in light rain but I am not a fan of monsoon rain riding.

Holy Down Pour

Sitting on the back porch reading a book and sipping on some wine as the rain comes down..,

Perfect end to the weekend




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