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Sailing At It’s Best

Thursday night was AWESOME!!!! After missing last weeks race, we were back out on the boat (YAY!!!). Seriously, nothing better than finishing up a busy day at work then heading out to the water! Although with that said, I actually had a half day :)

When the US was playing in the World Cup, my team had a gauntlet. It’s basically about 4 or 5 hours of us competing for prizes followed by a team happy hour. For this one the happy hour was at a bar to cheer on the USA!

Part of the competition was “Best Dressed”, so we were encouraged to wear our Red, white and blue to show our support.

Well if you know me, you know I love dressing up for themes. I won “Best Dressed” back in October for our Halloween gauntlet, guess you can say I am on a roll with wins ;)

What was the winning outfit for Team USA?

updated Red White and  blue

OK, so I won the “Best Dressed” and the prize was a half day! I redeemed that half day on Thursday so Colin and I had a Day Date!

After our Day Date it was time to head to the dock to go sailing. The perfect night. The weather was great, the wind was great, the crew was great (as always). It was just a great night.

Heading out to the race

Heading out to the race

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, "How you doin"?

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, “How you doin”?

Some more pre-race sailing around

Some more pre-race sailing around

Right after we crossed the finish line I turned around and saw the other boats with their spinnakers up. I love that part, such a beautiful sight!


Coming into the basin around to the dock, the sun was almost gone.


So glad we aren’t sailing on the Melges 24 anymore, I REALLY like just putting the boat into the slip as opposed to having to head to the floating dock and wait in line to hoist the boat out of the water, (like in the pic below) onto the trailer then pull it over to the dry slip.

Especially on the nights where a storm is rolling in and lightning is bouncing everywhere.


After the race the crew went to our fav Mexican place for some margaritas (and I had the gauc tacos, kind of obsessed with them at the moment). While at dinner we got a text saying we got 2nd place! WOOT WOOT!!!


Kick Off The Birthday Weekend!

Long time no talk!!

Life has been filled with work (Blah), sushi, yoga, yoga teacher training, sailing and basically pure awesomeness :)

This is what break time looks like in Yoga Teacher Training...Playing in Crow

This is what break time looks like in Yoga Teacher Training…Playing in Crow

Last nights race was so much fun! We got 3rd place!! The last couple of weeks we have been off our usual game (even with a 2nd place finish last week) but last night the mojo was back. Maybe it was the return of Mount Gay Rum to the boat!!

Getting in the zone!

Getting in the zone!

Picture perfect finish!

Picture perfect finish!

Back at the dock!

Back at the dock!

We followed the race with a trip to our favorite Mexican place to kick off my birthday (6/20)!!! Sailing and Margaritas, proper way to kick off the bday weekend!!!

From one of my many favorite Scrubs quotes: It's a Mexican themed Fiesta on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, that means I'm turning 30. Donde? 56 Walnut Drive! Cuando? Thank you for asking. Ocho thirty until upside down question mark. Sombreros at the door. Rrrrrruuuuuu!!!

From one of my many favorite Scrubs quotes: It’s a Mexican themed Fiesta on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, that means I’m turning 30. Donde? 56 Walnut Drive! Cuando? Thank you for asking. Ocho thirty until upside down question mark. Sombreros at the door. Rrrrrruuuuuu!!!

Today is my official birthday and I checked off one of my bucket list items!!! That’s right, I went Hang Gliding!!!! It was an EPIC experience. I will have a post up about it later!!!

Getting towed up!!!

Getting towed up!!!


Sailing, Yoga and Rain

This is how my week started…OUCH!!! I had a weight dropped on my toe and I wasn’t able to run all week. This was the nice part of the bruising and swelling. It is still sore but way better than it was last week. Hopefully this week I can get back to running.


However, I was able to get a couple of rides in!

cycling saturday

I’m stubborn and didn’t want to do nothing so I also went for a couple of morning walk. Which didn’t hurt too much ;)


Summer is here and the Florida afternoon thunderstorms have been in full effect. This is pretty much how it is here.



Thursday night we arrived at the yacht club to race just as a storm was coming in. The race was put into postponement to see if the weather passed. The crew stood out on the upper deck watching the storm. At one point they clocked the wind at 40 knots. In the end they ended up calling the race.



Today another storm was coming in as we got to the club for the Sunday race.


We thought for sure it would be a wet race but we didn’t get any rain. It was a great race and the weather held out!! Well, it did until we were pulling back into the slip.


We made it back into the dock before the rain but we didn’t make it to the car in time. Perfect for sitting in the boathouse waiting for it to pass over.

Yoga was another big thing in my week, like always. Working on my hand stands. Slowly it comes along.

With wall assistance

With wall assistance

And without the help of the wall

And without the help of the wall

And to finish off this post, some cuteness :)



Week In Review (Sailing, Yoga and Cycling Oh My)

I slacked on blogging this week!

Monday morning, 5:45 it was me, my trainer, some music and Trainer Road. We are becoming quite good friends!


Tuesday I went for a run in the morning. The best part apart running early in the morning, you get to see the sunrise.


Wednesday was yoga morning was yoga and these guys snaked my mat!! But they are super cute so I let them keep the mat and I practiced on the carpet until they moved.

DOga dogs

Thursday was another session on the indoor trainer. Friday I was supposed to run and do weights BUT I ended up going home sick :( Sucked because I was sick but YAY because I got to spend the day with my husband. Kind of worked out. Not to mention I am feeling much better today.

Pretty much every night this week I was practicing my inversions and studying yoga. So much information to learn!! Still working on the inversion workshop post from this past weekend, should be up either this weekend of beginning of next week.

Also involved in this week: Sushi at my old favorite place. It’s good sushi but not AS good as our favorite place now. It’s pretty hard to even get close to the place we go to now. We go there way to much or not nearly enough depending on how you want to look at it.

Oh, and Thursday there was of course sailing. I only snapped this one pic pre-race. We thought it was going to be a wet ride. Surprisingly it wasn’t. The wind was all sorts of every where. It was a long race, felt like the longest race ever!

We got off the boat when we are usually already done eating chicken wings upstairs. Colin and I decided to skip the wings and go to Taco Bus. BEST. DECISION! Love that place.


When we got home, my husband had a surprise waiting for me!!!! A new yoga bag! He knew I was looking for a good bag and got me one :) Perfect for yoga teacher training!

This bag is AWESOME! If you are looking for a new bag, check this out. Plus is has a picture of a dog doing Doga, I mean come on, how cute is that!!

yoga bad

Here are the highlights from the website (yes, there it is a garment bag feature!!!):

• Exclusive design packs like a gym bag, hangs like a garment bag, carries like a mat bag

• 8 separate storage spaces include clothing section, mat sling, 2 divided cargo pockets, zippered phone/I.D. pocket and bottle caddy

• The sleek, modern styling of fine luggage makes Rollpack a great-looking travel companion

• Ultra lightweight – even with all its bells and whistles, Rollpack tickles the scale at a scant 20 ounces

• Fits any mat, including extra long, pro-type/extra thick

Hope you guys had a great week as well! Now off to enjoy this beautiful rainy day!





Sunday Race

Today we had a Sunday race. Typically a Sunday race is a leisurely race as opposed to our Thursday night races which are more intense. On Thursdays we typically have anywhere from 11 or 12 (on a light night) to 18 or 19. Sundays usually are 11 people.

I bought a co-worker out today under the assumption it would be the usual leisurely Sunday race. “Oh you won’t have to do anything but ride on the rail”. About that…

We ended up only having 7 crew members, 3 of which had never sailed before. Needless to say, we worked hard today! And we made the newbies work too! I love the term “Newbies”, takes me back to Scrubs, which is quite possibly one of the greatest shows ever!

The newbies had a crash course in sailing, that’s for sure. Wind was blowing 10 knots with gusts up to 15 knots.

No pics as I had no time to sneak them. Did get this one post race after we crossed the finish line!


I was going to write about my inversion training yesterday but I am exhausted. The workshop was awesome! Lots of being upside down :) More about that later!



A Picture Perfect Ending

This weeks Thursday night race was a lot calmer than last weeks race (you can read about that here).

Last night we had about 42 boats out there racing and it was blowing about 8 to 9 knots. Blue skies, smiles and some kick ass sailing. I didn’t take any pics until we finished the race so I only have this beautiful sunset to share with you from the finish line.

We ended up in 5th for the night.


With a view like this, sometimes you don’t care that you didn’t get 1st :)

So far for the season we have places:

Race #1 – 1st

Race #2 – 2nd

Race #3 – 5th

Still plenty more racing for this series!!!


Tuesday of Randomness

Get ready for some randomness folks!

This morning I went for a walk and it was beautiful! Thank you nature for this amazing reminder of how awesome you are!


And ran into this little guy along the way.


If you ever wondered what the yacht club that we sail out of looked like from an aerial view, here you go!


Yesterday I laid out the spinnaker in the yard to dry out so I can start making stuff with it! You remember the sail that blew apart during the race last Thursday night, now it is in our house!



Baron decided to take a nap on the spinnaker today along with his bone. It was the cutest thing! And yes those are motorcycles in our living room. My husband’s KTM 640 and my SV650s. Some people decorate their houses with pretty wall decor and fancy furniture. Not in our house, motorcycles being worked on, tool boxes and sailing gear!

Welcome to our life!


And my motorcycle looks shiny because I (ok, technically my husband) wheeled it on the back patio this weekend and I gave her a bath. She should be up and running back on the road sometime soon. She needed some love! And a new battery, and oil change and the front suspension rebuilt and …..

My baby!

My baby!



Blowing Like Stink

Thurs day night’s race was awesome!!! The skies screamed you are about to get soaked!! The wind was blowing 18 – 20 knots sustained with gusts in the mid-20s. So it was “Blowing like stink”.

At the dock getting ready

At the dock getting ready



Usually during a race I am up on mid-deck working. Thursday night’s race I wasn’t able to be there, not by choice though. Some how I screwed up my back and was in some pain all day Thursday :(

I woke up Wednesday during the night in ridiculous pain that continued into Thursday. When I woke up in Thursday morning I did some light yoga to help work it out. It definitely helped…until I got in my car to drive to work.

The pain came back…ALL DAY! Fun right?!

Now the smart thing to do would have been to skip sailing and rest my body. Let’s be serious here, I don’t even know what that sentence means ;)

My husband’s vote was to stay home so I wouldn’t aggravate my back more but I wanted to go sail.

“I’ll sit in the princess seat” – me

Brilliant, in theory and usually it would be spot on but Thursday was a high wind kind of night. Princess seat is back in the cockpit. All you do is sit there. No work needed, just sit back and enjoy the sail. Not really place I wanted to be but if it means I get to go sailing, I will take it.

Pre-race cruising waiting for the start

Pre-race cruising waiting for the start

Rum is better than Motrin!!! I only had half then gave the rest to Colin :)

Rum is better than Motrin!!! I only had half then gave the rest to Colin :) And it might be time for some new gloves but I love these. They have character!!


Since I sat “Princess” I had a chance to do something I never get to do, take pictures during the race. I didn’t have my phone out the entire time but here and there when there was a window of opportunity I would get a couple of shots in. Thank you waterproof case for being fantastic!






We were heeled nicely the entire race. As you can see in the pic above, our rail was in the water! Usually when that happens everyone is on the high side of the boat but since I was in Princess I was wherever that side of the boat was cause I didn’t move. So I was high and low. Being low is pretty cool. Below is a pic from a play sail we did in 2012. P1000244

During the race a couple of boats wiped out. There were a 2 boats that were planing then lost it. Seeing a boat planing is pretty damn cool!!

On one of the legs we were approaching the mark with our jib up. As we rounded the mark we hoisted the spinnaker…it was during that leg our spinnaker blew in half. Needless to say there was a quick hoist of the jib as we got the next spinnaker ready to get up in the air.

Our crew worked together perfectly all night!!! We came in 2nd place by 8 seconds!!

After the race we usually go upstairs for some chicken wings and fries but my back wanted some Motrin and relaxation.

Yesterday my back was still off but a lot better than Thursday. Today it is feeling pretty damn good, no Motrin today! I’m going to rest it today and tomorrow so next week I can be back at it.

Which totally sucks because I am not a take it easy kind of girl. My husband is out cycling right now and I can’t go…jealously!!!

I have an inversion workshop next week so I HAVE to be 100% for that!

My first headstand!

My first headstand a few months ago!

Working on handstands with wall assistance. One day that wall will be gone!

Working on hand stands with wall assist. One day that wall will be gone!

Alright, I am off to study yoga!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Saturday and Easter!




The Perfect Day

Yesterday it was back to sailing! Sunday race was on!


The wind dropped out some before the race so I thought it was going to be a long and slow race. However, the wind gods blessed us with more wind so the race went by fast!

I have no idea what place we finished in but I do know there was rum! And if there is rum, aren’t we all winners?!?

Rum and Rail

Rum and Rail



Between the 52 mile bike ride yesterday and the sailing my body was spent. As soon as we got back from sailing I hit the couch and had what can only be considered the greatest nap of all time. No joke!!!



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