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Adventurous Fitness & Yoga

For those of you that have read my blog for a while now or maybe you are new to the blog and have looked though some older posts, you know that I love adventure.

Riding motorcycles, hiking, racing sailboats, wake-boarding, hang gliding, SUP-ing, camping, the list goes on and on.

Adding on to all of those fun and adventurous hobbies, I recently graduated with my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification!!

Combining my love of yoga, a healthy lifestyle and adventure, I created Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

Adventurous Fitness & Yoga is where I have my yoga schedule (coming April 2015), prenatal yoga information (due date June 2015), workouts, healthy recipes, fitness related adventures and of course, YOGA POSTS!!!

Adventurous Wanderings didn’t feel like the right place to talk about a quinoa salad or poses for pregnant women. Plus, I need a business looking website for people to check out my yoga schedule.

These factors led to Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

You can check out the website here! and the Facebook page here!!

It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely!!

Yogi on a motorcycle 5


Let’s Hear It For Time Bandit!

I am an avid sailor. For the past 6 months I had to take a hiatus due to health reasons but my love for sailing never stopped.

Over the course of my sailing “career” I have sailed on many sailboats. J24, Melges 24, J29, J35 and a few I can’t really remember.

My favorite is the J35, Time Bandit. This is the boat we race on and do our play sails on most of the time. Words can’t describe how special this boat is to us. So many memories and fun times!!

This past Saturday the crew took her out for race (I was at Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, post coming for that one).

As Time Bandit was getting ready for the start of the race, main and jib up, the mast snapped. Luckily no one was hurt and the conditions weren’t too bad. It was rainy with knots around 8 to 10 knots. They were able to get the sails and the rig back on the boat.

With this, the Time Bandit crew assembled at the yacht club Sunday morning to help take care of our girl.

Yes that is a bucket where the mast goes :)

Yes that is a bucket where the mast goes :)

Sunday was beautiful! Everyone was outside enjoying the weather! As we were cleaning off the sails I looked around at everyone on the water. This included some sailboats as there was another race going on.



I even had some yoga fun!


Once we got the sails cleaned off, we took off upstairs to kick back and have a drink while the sails dried. Then my husband had a brilliant idea, let’s take the boat out!!!

You don’t need sails to take a sail boat out! We had so much fun!!!

20150301_115247 20150301_115905 20150301_120624 20150301_122125

The wind started to die out so we ended up towing a couple of boats back to the yacht club.


Hopefully we can get a new stick in her soon so she will be back out sailing again soon!!!

Not Being Able To Breathe…

…Really sucks!!!

So a few weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon my throat started to get that sore feeling. Friday, full on sore throat. Took the day off, laid on my couch with fur kiddos and my husband played doctor.

These two are better than any medicine!

These two are better than any medicine!

Saturday I felt better, just run down. Sunday felt great except I was starting to have a shortness of breath. Didn’t think much of it cause it wasn’t frequent. Monday, still felt great but the shortness of breath was increasing in frequency. By Tuesday, it was an all out shortness of breath all day long.

I’d catch it then it would be gone again. This was all day long.

I ended up leaving work early to go to the doctor to get checked out. My lungs sounded good. the EKG was good. They decided to do an Albuterol treatment on me.


After that was done, they kept checking in on me to see if it worked. I didn’t feel any immediate effects but to cover all bases they did a chest x-ray on me. That came back clear!

Once the x-rays were done, I started to breathe better. The Albuterol took a bit to kick in on me but if finally did. The doctor prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to use for the next few days.

Needless to say, I didn’t do much working out for the past few weeks. Last weekend in teacher training I sat out of Saturday’s flows but Sunday I was back in action. I still took last week off from working out just to make sure I kicked the upper respiratory infection. I did start doing yoga again, that was AWESOME!!!

This week I finally get back to running and cycling :) Long overdue!!

So what have I been up to while not being able to be active like I usually am?!?!


Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.


There really wasn’t too much I could do during this time frame. Walking around the Don Garlits museum was annoying because I had to stop and catch my breath, then use my inhaler. BLAH!!!

I did also had yoga teacher training one weekend and went to Rasa-Lila this past Saturday. Each of those are getting their own separate post. Now that I can actually breath again, I’ll finally be able to move around without having to fight to catch my breath!!


Labor Day Night Regatta

What better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend than sailing in the Labor Day Night Regatta!!

OK, technically it was the Labor Day Night Race but regatta is just such a cooler word.

Regatta Gala!!

I’m a huge Friends fan and that was one of my favorite Rachel lines, “It’s a Regatta Gala”. Poor video quality but it’s around the :24 mark in the video below.

Alright, so back to the race last night!

We had a bigger turn out than I thought we would. 17 boats total; 8 Spin A boats and 9 Spin B boats (we are in the Spin B class). Beautiful sunset, hell of a lightning show during the entire race, nice breeze and great company!

The start of the race the wind was single digits knots. As the night went on, the breeze went up, especially after the sunset. When the storm rolled in we hit the low teens with gusts in the high teens, maybe even 20 knots.

In the darkness we could feel the storm all around of us. At one point we all grabbed our fouly gear to prepare for the downpour that would be unleashed on us….no rain. Quite shocked actually. I thought for sure we would be rained on during the race but the rain held out until we were driving home!

Final results, 5th in our class and 9th overall.

In the end, the results didn’t matter. We stayed safe, didn’t break the boat and had a great time!


Getting ready to start the race

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!


And I leave you with these two awesome pups! Took these before we left for the race yesterday.


Getting ready to start the race

Getting ready to start the race


Rainbows and Sailing

Thursday night sailing in Florida usually means trying to beat the afternoon storms. In typical fashion, there was a storm sitting off of the yacht club and have to say it made for a beautiful sky.


I thought I was going to have to work late so I didn’t bring clothes to sail in. The plan was just to head to the club after work and wait for the race to get done to pick up Colin. Turns out, I did actually get out in time to make the race but still didn’t have clothes. Heels and work dress are cute but not when you are trying to hoist a sail or hanging off the rail.

During the race I hung out on the upper deck and enjoyed the weather.

Starting box

Starting box

They lucked out and didn’t get any rain!

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

WOO there is Time Bandit crossing the finish line! That is called 2nd place folks :)


And here come some more finishing up!


There was even a rainbow!


As we were walking back to the car after the race we caught the sunset.


Voyage Through The Week

It’s been a jammed pack week! First I have been house/dog siting all week (back to my house and pups and husband today!!!!!). Got to spend the week with my buddy Oliver (Oli, olister, olinator, Oli van damn, and my favorite OLI-WOOD). It’s been about 12 or 13 years I have been watching Oli. He was just a puppy!!! Amazing how fast time flies!


Monday Baron developed a cough :( So bright and early we took him to see Dr Steve at Davis Islands Animal Clinic. For you locals, if you are looking for a vet, make Dr. Steve your guy! He is awesome and Baron and Ava love him. Case in point, even though it was Baron’s visit, Ava jumped up on the table tying to get Dr. Steve’s attention!


Wednesday we got our new fence!!!!!!! BARON AND AVA ARE IN HEAVEN!!!! Pics to come.

While the fence was being put in, I was at the Rays game.  My work treated us all to an afternoon of baseball. An AC’d stadium is pure freaking genius! Not even kidding. It was so hot that I think we all would have melted had it not been ac’d. Plus I think the sting rays enjoyed the AC. Yes, our baseball stadium has sting rays swimming around. We are so Florida! Thanks work for the fun afternoon!

In the tank are sting rays, sorry there are no close ups, I didn't make it up over there to see them.

In the tank are sting rays, sorry there are no close ups, I didn’t make it up over there to see them.

and our seats were pretty good!

and our seats were pretty good!


Thursday’s I leave work early to make it sailing. This Thursday I left at normal time so didn’t make it to the dock in time. However, it did give me the chance to watch the race from the yacht club and snap some pics of boats coming up to the finish line. Including my crew on Time Bandit!!


The boats approaching the last mark before heading to the finish line

The boats approaching the last mark before heading to the finish line

My crew Time Bandit coming up to the finish line!!

My crew Time Bandit coming up to the finish line!!



There they are!! And my husband waving for the camera!

There they are!! And my husband waving for the camera!

And of course I did a lot of yoga. Mostly in “normal” places:

by the water

by the water

by a tree, doing tree

by a tree, doing tree (this is also Day 2 of the challenge with Erin Motz, see more on that below).

Then there were some random places:

on the breakfast bar in an RV (posts to follow about the RV)

on the breakfast bar in an RV (posts to follow about the RV)

For this next one, it is for a yoga challenge on Instagram. This is the first one I have done and here’s why it appealed to me. First it is by Erin Motz, she is my FAVORITE yoga teacher. She did the 30 day Yoga Challenge and she also did the Kickstarter with MyYogaPro.

What I liked about her challenge is it wasn’t about her posting a pose then everyone doing that pose.

She says it best on her website: “Starting august 1st, ill be hosting the first ever bad yogi instagram challenge to showcase how#badyogisdoit!*** it’ll be 10 days long, and each day i’ll give you a specific theme (like where, when, or with whom) and you tag #badyogisdoit along with your picture entry. you’ll pick the pose, i pick the theme. that way, everyone can participate regardless of how strong, flexible or advanced you are“.

Day 1 was your first time doing yoga. Pick what pose you couldn’t do and now it is a part of your regular practice. I choose Crow. in the beginning it was so hard to do and now I pop into Crow anywhere. Including on top of file cabinets at work (if you look closely you can see downtown Tampa in the background). It isn’t the best quality of pictures and not to mention, it was challenging because the file cabinet was moving around the entire time.


Seems appropriate I end this post with yoga as I start weekend 5 of my Yoga Teacher Training today!! Holy Crap, it’s already been 5 months!! Today we are doing 2 hours of Ashtanga and tomorrow there are two graduating students to that means two graduating yoga classes. It’s going to be a great weekend in the yoga bubble!

Hope you have a great weekend!




Sailing At It’s Best

Thursday night was AWESOME!!!! After missing last weeks race, we were back out on the boat (YAY!!!). Seriously, nothing better than finishing up a busy day at work then heading out to the water! Although with that said, I actually had a half day :)

When the US was playing in the World Cup, my team had a gauntlet. It’s basically about 4 or 5 hours of us competing for prizes followed by a team happy hour. For this one the happy hour was at a bar to cheer on the USA!

Part of the competition was “Best Dressed”, so we were encouraged to wear our Red, white and blue to show our support.

Well if you know me, you know I love dressing up for themes. I won “Best Dressed” back in October for our Halloween gauntlet, guess you can say I am on a roll with wins ;)

What was the winning outfit for Team USA?

updated Red White and  blue

OK, so I won the “Best Dressed” and the prize was a half day! I redeemed that half day on Thursday so Colin and I had a Day Date!

After our Day Date it was time to head to the dock to go sailing. The perfect night. The weather was great, the wind was great, the crew was great (as always). It was just a great night.

Heading out to the race

Heading out to the race

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, "How you doin"?

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, “How you doin”?

Some more pre-race sailing around

Some more pre-race sailing around

Right after we crossed the finish line I turned around and saw the other boats with their spinnakers up. I love that part, such a beautiful sight!


Coming into the basin around to the dock, the sun was almost gone.


So glad we aren’t sailing on the Melges 24 anymore, I REALLY like just putting the boat into the slip as opposed to having to head to the floating dock and wait in line to hoist the boat out of the water, (like in the pic below) onto the trailer then pull it over to the dry slip.

Especially on the nights where a storm is rolling in and lightning is bouncing everywhere.


After the race the crew went to our fav Mexican place for some margaritas (and I had the gauc tacos, kind of obsessed with them at the moment). While at dinner we got a text saying we got 2nd place! WOOT WOOT!!!