Rasa-Lila Festival


That’s what Rasa-Lila is all about! You can check out their website here: Rasa-Lila Fest.

OH WAIT, check me out…pardon the cheesy screen shot from my phone :)


There are yoga classes going on all day at many stages. SUP and kayaks, which included a couple of SUP yoga classes. Live music, vendors, juices, teas, food, acro yoga and the family festival.

My yoga training school ran the Family Fest portion.


During the day, we each set up our own kid friendly activity. I choose finger painting because what better thing to do with kids than the most messy thing ever!!!

mine is the one with the big red hand print

mine is the one with the big red hand print

Another girl brought a slack line to use. I have always wanted to try it and finally did.



It wasn’t graceful like this:


I needed someone’s hand as training wheels but for my first time out, not too shabby. Then we started doing hand stands from the slack line. That was fun. I only held it for a few seconds, of course didn’t get a picture of those few seconds but did get a picture of what it looked like most of the other times I did it. I’ll take it, that shit wasn’t easy!


There was also hula hooping. I treated mine like a baton. I was always good at baton as a kid!!!


Glittery tattoos! Which will be the closest thing to a real tattoo I ever get…


The SUP area. They were all out on the other side of these trees doing a SUP yoga class when I came over to take a picture.


I didn’t buy it but I totally dig what it is saying!


Oh, and of course, yoga classes!!


It was a fun festival!


Not Being Able To Breathe…

…Really sucks!!!

So a few weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon my throat started to get that sore feeling. Friday, full on sore throat. Took the day off, laid on my couch with fur kiddos and my husband played doctor.

These two are better than any medicine!

These two are better than any medicine!

Saturday I felt better, just run down. Sunday felt great except I was starting to have a shortness of breath. Didn’t think much of it cause it wasn’t frequent. Monday, still felt great but the shortness of breath was increasing in frequency. By Tuesday, it was an all out shortness of breath all day long.

I’d catch it then it would be gone again. This was all day long.

I ended up leaving work early to go to the doctor to get checked out. My lungs sounded good. the EKG was good. They decided to do an Albuterol treatment on me.


After that was done, they kept checking in on me to see if it worked. I didn’t feel any immediate effects but to cover all bases they did a chest x-ray on me. That came back clear!

Once the x-rays were done, I started to breathe better. The Albuterol took a bit to kick in on me but if finally did. The doctor prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to use for the next few days.

Needless to say, I didn’t do much working out for the past few weeks. Last weekend in teacher training I sat out of Saturday’s flows but Sunday I was back in action. I still took last week off from working out just to make sure I kicked the upper respiratory infection. I did start doing yoga again, that was AWESOME!!!

This week I finally get back to running and cycling :) Long overdue!!

So what have I been up to while not being able to be active like I usually am?!?!


Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.


There really wasn’t too much I could do during this time frame. Walking around the Don Garlits museum was annoying because I had to stop and catch my breath, then use my inhaler. BLAH!!!

I did also had yoga teacher training one weekend and went to Rasa-Lila this past Saturday. Each of those are getting their own separate post. Now that I can actually breath again, I’ll finally be able to move around without having to fight to catch my breath!!


Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 6

It is official, I am halfway through yoga teacher training!!

Another jam-packed weekend in our yoga bubble (that is what we call our yoga training weekends since we are immersed in yoga for 16 hours over the course of two days).

Topics of the weekend:

  • Practice teaching groups: I love when we get to practice teach!! This month I led about 10 people through a short flow. AHHHHHHHHHH! Still working on finding my groove but I feel it coming! 6 months ago when I started this journey, I recall day 1, weekend 1 we had to teach a small group…I was like are you serious?!?! I have been in training for 6 hours and I have to teach these people!!!!!!! It was somewhat nerve-racking but man is it getting easier! Now I look forward to it as opposed to dreading it.
  • Ayurveda – Saturday and Sunday we had a presentation on Ayurveda. Ayurveda focuses on preventive health as opposed as reactive health care. Having originated in India thousands of years ago, it is one of the oldest holistic healing system. Ayurveda helps keep our unique body/mind constitution in balance. So “how do you do that!?!” you are probably asking…This tradition is based on the cosmic principle that there exists within ourselves, as in our world, five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth).  We are each born with a unique combo of these elements, which is called our Prakriti. Our Prakriti consists of three forces, which is called Dosha(s). Each of the three Doshas are made up of our primary and secondary element. So;  Air and Space = Vata. Fire and Water = Pitta. Water and Earth = Kapha. That’s as far as my knowledge goes without having to Google a bunch of stuff. This was my first intro to Ayurveda and I learned the basics. At the end of the presentation, we completed a questionnaire, tallied up our answers and it told us what Dosha we were. Once you know what Dosha you are, you can learn to keep you dosha in check thus living a disease free and balanced life. You get sick when your dosha is out of balance.
    • In case you are wondering I am Pitta. Fire and Water, baby!

yoga training

  • Graduation classes: We had 3 graduation classes this month. The thing about graduation classes is they are all unique and different. I absolutely love them! Each person lets their personality come out and the classes are truly beautiful. One of the classes involved us being blind-folded the entire class. My Tree Pose was definitely blowing all around but every other pose I was more in tune to where my body was and more focused. Another of the classes made us slow down. The graduate would say a pose, chant 4 times during which we were to take the entire time he chanted to move into the pose. We would then hold the pose as he chanted 4 more times. Repeat this during the entire class.
Getting ready to start a graduation class

Getting ready to start a graduation class

  • The Yoga Sutras – Usually for philosophy we break into small groups based on when we started. This month instead of doing our small groups, we did a full class discussion.

yoga training2

Looking over what I typed it doesn’t looked like we did much but training was so “busy”. So much going on. So much knowledge, philosophy, laughs, love, tears (there is always tears in yoga training, maybe not from me but it can get pretty emotional for a lot of people), asanas, guests and I know I am leaving so much out!

Last night I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga Since I was wrapping up the day, I opted do do what we do at the end of class. Seemed appropriate. And now seems appropriate to end this post.

Last night I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga Since I was wrapping up the day, I opted  to do what we do at the end of class. Seemed appropriate. And now seems appropriate to end this post.


Life Moves Pretty Fast…

It’s basically October, when the hell did that happen?!? No way is it almost October!

Today we celebrated my younger cousin turning 18…um, again I ask myself, when the hell did that happen?!?! No way is she 18 already!

Time is flying by my friends, hope you are stopping to enjoy all the moments!

Every morning I drive to work with the “Day Walkers”, that is what my husband calls all of us that have to drive to an office everyday. I take the same way everyday. Let me add, I only take the same way because I have tried all different ways and this the fastest route to work (if I don’t hit the trains, yep, trains, I cross 3 railroad tracks heading in). Some days its annoying taking the same way in…day after day but it allows me more time at home in the mornings. And that is totally worth the mundane path to work.

Now to mix it up I have gotten the itch to ride my bike to work. No idea where it came from but it’s just something that I want to do a couple of times a week. I can’t do it everyday because I am an account manager and have to go to clients but on the days where I have nothing planned, why not. It’s only 9 miles from house to work so 18 miles a round trip is nothing.

Last weekend Colin and I did a run to see the best way for me to take in and time about home long it would take. There is only one section that is kind of petrifying. No sidewalk or bike path along the road. The only space to ride is just a couple of feet wide and the semis, cars and trucks are right there. Not to mention, that part of the ride would be before the sunrises. But whatever right!!

We made the ride on Sunday and it took us 45 minutes to get there. Timing worked out because it was about time for lunch so we stopped on the way back at a place called The Bricks.

Cycing ybor1

Cycing ybor

So the big day came, the day I rode my bike to work. It was pretty awesome. That one section was pretty terrifying. I just hoped that everyone was paying attention to the road and not texting or eating a breakfast sandwich. Following the sketch section of road there is a bridge. Everyday I drive over the bridge I admire the scenery, cause who doesn’t love driving over water?!?!

The one thing that I never get to do is stop and enjoy it. Since I was peddling, I stopped at the top of the bridge and watched the sun rise. I wish everyday could start like that!!

cycling work

Then had to get a shot of downtown:

cycling work1

I ended up taking my lunch break to ride home then work from home the rest of the afternoon. Beat the typical afternoon thunderstorms.

Aside from cycling, lots of yoga. Which I had my Weekend 6 of yoga teacher training post almost done and my computer glitch and erased it…so with that I didn’t feel like retyping it all so it will eventually get posted. I even practice taught 2 classes last week at work during lunch. Technically I can’t teach in the gym at work but I go and whoever wants to join me can and I do my yoga practice and tell them how to move through the motions. Practice makes perfect!

Hope you guys have been have a stellar time!

Saddened By Development

When I started riding motorcycles, I bought a Yamaha XT 225. You can catch up on that story here! And for some of mine and Sadie’s (yes, I named my motorcycle Sadie) adventures, here are some of our highlights!

The thought process is, when you are learning to ride a motorcycle, it hurts less to fall in the dirt than it does on the road.

Since we had dual sports, street legal dirt bikes, we could ride on the roads until we came to a trail that looked like it might be fun to explore. And when I say trail, I don’t mean something that was a set trail or path. The spots we usually rode looked unused, like no one ventured down them before.

We found a great spot that we would ride regularly. It was such an EPIC spot. Sugar sand, dirt paths through trees and ditches, mud and so much more. Before we headed off to do our On/Off Road Enduro Trip all over Costa Rica, we would go to this hidden place to practice. I had only just begun riding at this point and if I was going to survive a motorcycle tour in Costa Rica, I needed to ride as much as I could, push myself as hard as I could and this spot had everything I needed to practice with it. Except muddy clay, it didn’t have muddy clay and that was an experience riding on in Costa Rica!

OK, getting off topic, I could talk about that Costa Rica trip for days :)

It was tucked away nicely on a very underdeveloped chunk of land. If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it. People who did know about this spot would take their 4-wheelers back there.

In the second link I posted at the beginning of this post shows a couple of pictures from this spot. Just look for the ones under the “Playing Off Road” part.

So why the trip down memory lane of this most epic riding spot?!

Saturday morning Colin and I set out cycling. We didn’t really have an end location in mind, it was more of a “Let’s ride and see where we end up” type of rides.

We packed up our bikes, put on our cycling shorts and hit the road!

Then on the way there, wherever there was, we came across a long paved road that had the entrance sign covered so you couldn’t tell what was back there. Of course, we had to take this road. Where did it go?! What was it for?!

The road was a winding one that lead us to the local campus of a community college. They had built another entrance and added a couple more buildings. As we were peddling down the road it hit us what/where we were peddling through…

This was our epic riding spot for the dual sports!!

Heartbreak set in. All those awesome trails and obstacles to ride over had been reduced to this:


I mean YAY for the school and all but man, it is so sad to think that area is now this. When we get our enduros in the next year I was hoping to go back to this spot and ride. Guess we will have to hit Richloam for that, which is pretty awesome but this place was close to the house.

Once our trip down memory lane was done, we continued on our way. So where did we end up?!

At Lazy Days to look at the Winnebago Tour that we are working toward getting. Such a beautiful coach! It’s important when you are working toward a goal, to remind yourself of that goal constantly! Popping by to look at the Tour is a way to keep our momentum going. Forgoing trips, shopping sprees, mindless spending on crap…it’s all for this!!!!



After we left there, we headed back home. Ended up being a 30 mile ride (burned over 1800 calories, Hell yeah!).

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend as well :)

Just a random pic of the moon with the storm rolling in :)

Just a random pic from tonight of the moon with the storm rolling in :)


Labor Day Night Regatta

What better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend than sailing in the Labor Day Night Regatta!!

OK, technically it was the Labor Day Night Race but regatta is just such a cooler word.

Regatta Gala!!

I’m a huge Friends fan and that was one of my favorite Rachel lines, “It’s a Regatta Gala”. Poor video quality but it’s around the :24 mark in the video below.

Alright, so back to the race last night!

We had a bigger turn out than I thought we would. 17 boats total; 8 Spin A boats and 9 Spin B boats (we are in the Spin B class). Beautiful sunset, hell of a lightning show during the entire race, nice breeze and great company!

The start of the race the wind was single digits knots. As the night went on, the breeze went up, especially after the sunset. When the storm rolled in we hit the low teens with gusts in the high teens, maybe even 20 knots.

In the darkness we could feel the storm all around of us. At one point we all grabbed our fouly gear to prepare for the downpour that would be unleashed on us….no rain. Quite shocked actually. I thought for sure we would be rained on during the race but the rain held out until we were driving home!

Final results, 5th in our class and 9th overall.

In the end, the results didn’t matter. We stayed safe, didn’t break the boat and had a great time!


Getting ready to start the race

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!


And I leave you with these two awesome pups! Took these before we left for the race yesterday.


Getting ready to start the race

Getting ready to start the race


Rainbows and Sailing

Thursday night sailing in Florida usually means trying to beat the afternoon storms. In typical fashion, there was a storm sitting off of the yacht club and have to say it made for a beautiful sky.


I thought I was going to have to work late so I didn’t bring clothes to sail in. The plan was just to head to the club after work and wait for the race to get done to pick up Colin. Turns out, I did actually get out in time to make the race but still didn’t have clothes. Heels and work dress are cute but not when you are trying to hoist a sail or hanging off the rail.

During the race I hung out on the upper deck and enjoyed the weather.

Starting box

Starting box

They lucked out and didn’t get any rain!

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

WOO there is Time Bandit crossing the finish line! That is called 2nd place folks :)


And here come some more finishing up!


There was even a rainbow!


As we were walking back to the car after the race we caught the sunset.