Happiness Is…An Enduro

Last week my husband and I both bought ourselves an enduro. For that coming home story click HERE!!!

For the past week, we have taken them out for a couple of rides. Due to me being a day walker (my husband’s term for 9 to 5 people), I only got to ride a little bit after work. Basically race home, change into my riding gear and take off on the bike. That translates into about 15 minutes before sun down…LAME! But I will take a ride any where I can.

In other news, it is only 78 days until Day Light Savings Time. If you are like me, you want to know important facts like that!

Post work ride

Post work ride

Today was my first official day on vacation! That means for the next 17 days you will find me either riding my motorcycle or doing yoga! OR maybe even doing both! Yeah, what’s up ;)

Dancer and enduros

Dancer and enduros

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose! So this technically is not a yoga pose but it doesn’t have to be if you are having fun!!

We had a great ride today! My breathing has been acting up the last couple of days but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Just go for an “easy” ride. Go slow and stay in the saddle, no standing. Ride but don’t push too hard.

Anyone that rides knows that is what you may tell yourself when you know you have to take it easy but that isn’t how it will end up going. It did at first, but then the twisting of the throttle took over, well before I knew it, I was going fast and standing up.

Luckily, my lungs didn’t punish me too bad for that. I forgot to use my inhaler so I thought it was going to be way worse than what it actually was!! Small victories!!

Colin had a blast riding the new KTM around! She got a nice mud bath today!!!


The muddy place he rode though was the same place that this happened to me years ago when I was first learning to ride on my other XT. Aww, memories!


Welcome Home Loves

What a day!

We left early this morning and drove south a little over an hour to Bradenton so we could go look at a KTM 525 for Colin. Fell in love with that bike so bought her and drover her home.

KTM 525

KTM 525

Then a few minutes after we got her home we got the call for the XT 225 that I wanted to look at. So we got back in the car, drove about an hour south again to Sarasota to check out that bike.

I loved it, so we bought it.

Now it’s something I own, which means that there has to be something that makes it a pain. That is a long running joke between Colin and I :)

This XT just needed a little bit of love. We could sit there and get her set or we could load her up in the back of our jeep, get her home, then get her perfect. We picked the latter.

So we loaded her up in the back of our jeep and drove her home. And if you were ever wondering if an enduro could fit in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it can!


Now here is the funny part. 7 years ago the first motorcycle I ever owned was an XT 225. The day we bought that one, it died before we could get it out of the guys subdivision. Since it was a 2 hour drive home, we loaded her up in the back of the Kia Sorento that I had at the time.


Apparently XT’s like to be driven home in the back of SUV’s!

When we got home with the XT, we unloaded her, did a couple of things then Colin took her for a mini spin in the backyard. Baron and Ava felt it was a good game of chase.


With both bike home, it was time to gear up and head out for the first rides!!!!!!!!!!! We had just enough time before sunset to get a 30 minute ride in.

My gloves and helmet were behind the bike :)

My gloves and helmet were behind the bike :)




It feels so good to be back off-road!! Nothing beats this feeling!



You Can Never Own Too Many Motorcycles

I have a thing for motorcycles. They make me smile. They make me go fast. They make me giggle. And sometimes, they scare the crap out of me (but in a good way).

One of my all time favorite articles is Song of the Sausage Creature by Hunter S Thompson. If you haven’t read it, worth the read!

My first motorcycle was a XT 225 enduro. There is nothing better than learning to ride a motorcycle off-road. Hurts less when you crash ;) There pictures were all taken on different days, guess I just liked to wear a red shirt when I rode (this was right before I bought a riding jacket).

dual dual water dual 2

My first road bike was a FJR 1300. This was my dream bike. I loved it. I loved the look, the power, the speed.

We did trips all over. Through the mountains, along the coasts, camping, around the south-east of the US. She was my girl.


Don't worry, I don't ride like this. I wear jacket, gloves, boots, etc. This was at an empty parking lot near my house getting use to riding her :)

Don’t worry, I don’t ride like this. I wear jacket, gloves, boots, etc. This was at an empty parking lot near my house getting use to riding her :)

On Hwy 441

On Hwy 441

After I sold the FJR 1300, I got an SV 650S. This bike was the perfect bike for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that FJR and it was a very sad day when I sold her. But she didn’t “fit” me well.

The SV fit me perfectly. This bike was fun, it was light and it made me laugh as I twisted the throttle!



Last week I said good-bye to SV. She now belongs to a 21 old UCF student. His parents bought SV for him so he could commute around campus and to work.

If I loved the SV so much, you might be asking yourself “why did you sell her?”. Easy! With our hopes of buying a RV and leaving Florida are coming closer and closer to a reality, we can’t have our road bikes.

We went back and forth on it but decided in the end that for the RV we want to have a couple of dual sports so we can ride off-road as we travel the country.

So I ditched my SV and this weekend I am going to look at a dual sport. So hopefully this weekend I can put on my riding boots, riding pants and go hit some trails!!!

There is a way to a girls heart, its with a throttle :)


Special Announcement!!

Today I officially “booked” my first (and second) yoga classes. I will be teaching at a studio next month!!! AHHHHHHHH! The excitement! The nerves (more excitement than nerves)!!

This time last year I was debating about signing up for yoga teacher training and now I am about to start teaching my first class.

So crazy where life takes us sometimes!

unnamed (1)

Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 9

This past weekend marked the completion of my 9th month in Yoga Teacher Training.


I feel like in the last month or two a switch has gone off. I have created flows, my practice has deepened so much and I have a strong love affair with pigeon now :)

Now that my lungs/breathing is getting a lot better (thank you inhaler), I have started back up yoga in the gym at work during lunch. At the moment there are a couple of people who join me. Now instead of watching videos, I teach them. I have to admit, it is kind of cool.

It all comes together!

Before I jump into the recap, there was so majorly exciting news from the weekend. Next month I am going to be teaching a community class at a studio!! Still working on the details and date but SO EXCITING!!!! Part of me says I am not ready, the other half says I am so ready. In the end, I jumped to it cause the only way to get better is to jump right in!!

It’s like when I got my motorcycle license. 6 months after getting my license and learning to ride, I was in Costa Rica on an enduro motorcycle riding all over the country over mountains, through rivers and everything else you can think of.

So yeah, I am a jump right in kind of person!

And with that, let’s jump in to the recap.

1. ME TEACHING!!!!!!! - I got the chance to teach the flow I created, and taught, last week. I had a 45 minute class but had to cut it down to 10 minutes due to time. It was AWESOME! I’m definitely not perfect and have a long way to go but oh the progress!

2. Graduation Classes: We had two 200 hour graduation classes this weekend. It’s so crazy, when you first start training you are with strangers. Someone graduates and you may have only talked to them a time or two. No real connection had been made at that point.

The more you go along in your training, those strangers became friends and then each month one of your friends graduates and leaves. It’s a bitter-sweet moment because you are so happy for them but so sad you don’t get to see them regularly in training.

3. Christmas Party – Saturday we had our Christmas party. We were able to invite someone to join us for a meditation and some food afterwards. I was completely impressed by food they catered in. Wasn’t expecting such a great spread!!

I made my Tofu Chocolate Mousse Pie, people liked it :) Another girl made a Vegan Pumpkin Pie, it was pretty freaking good!!

4. Construction of a class – This month we finished Part II of constructing a class. This is when I got to teach my 10 minutes :)

5. Restorative – Last month we learned about restorative yoga. This month we practiced teaching what we had learned last month. Definitely something I am interested in teaching down the road. It has helped me so much recently with my breathing issues. I would love to share that experience with others.

Other topics of the weekend involved getting to know a couple of the 500 hour students, Sivananda Yoga, and of course philosophy.

I always feel like my recaps don’t do what actually happens in training fully. I don’t think they ever could if I have to be honest.

Training weekends are 16 hours of so much information yet I don’t feel like I have been in a room for 8 hours each day. Way different from that feeling you get when you have to sit at your desk for 8 hours a day.


A Guide to Costa Rica

A couple of years ago, my husband and I hopped on a plane with a buddy of ours and headed to Costa Rica. The purpose of the trip was to spend 8 days on our enduro motorcycles (street legal dirt bikes) and explore Costa Rica on and off-road.

You can read about that adventure here on Bucket List Publications!

People have asked me numerous times for the names of the places we stayed, where we took surf lessons, what side of Costa Rica to explore, and various other things.

I decided to share my thoughts, our experiences and what I would next time (if we aren’t on motorcycles).

I’ll start with a couple of pieces of advice:

1. As soon as you land in San José airport, get out of there asap. This is actually what our tour guide told us when we were there last. While at the airport, stay close to everyone in your party, do not let your bags leave your hands, and haul ass out of there.

2. Explore, Explore, explore. Costa Rica is a smaller country so it is only a few hours to get to one main city to another. I would recommend staying somewhere different throughout the trip. Maybe 2 nights in a city then move to the next. If you decide to stay at a resort the entire time, I would recommend renting a truck and explore during the days. I have some cities below with some suggestions of things to do.

Transportation: I would rent a 4×4 truck of some sorts. Roads there are crazy. You could be on a paved road then hit dirt and then hit mud, all while being on the same road. 4×4 is the way to go in my opinion!

Motorcycle Tour: If you want to get crazy and have the trip of a lifetime, you can do a guided motorcycle tour like we did. We went through Moto Tours Costa Rica. I can’t say enough good things about this company. They handled everything for us! Showed us so much (on and off the beaten path), made sure we saw everything we wanted to see and had a blast doing it!

Getting ready for day 1 of the tour!

Getting ready for day 1 of the tour!

Worth mentioning our buddy was seriously injured and our guide made sure he was taken care of and got the medical attention he needed.

Cities to visit, things to do and hotels to stay at:
We spent our first and last night in this city. It is about 30 minutes our from San José. BEAUTIFUL!! The temperature is perfect. No AC needed. They like to say they have the most “Perfect Climate” in the world. They are pretty spot on. Shorts and tank top during the day, light sweater at night.

View of Atenas

View of Atenas

Walking on the mountain roads in Atenas

Walking on the mountain roads in Atenas

Where to stay in Atenas:
Vista Atenas Bed and Breakfast. This place serves breakfast every morning and it is to die for. Very simple place but the view looking down from the mountain is stunning. The view at night overlooking the city with all the lights in amazing. Great staff and adorable rooms. They also have a pool overlooking the city. Here is the link for Trip Advisor:


The pool

The pool

Great spot with a view

Great spot with a view

Looking from inside the restaurant to the pool out to the mountains

Looking from inside the restaurant to the pool out to the mountains

This place is a must. Even if you chose not to stay here, you should definitely do the zip lining tour here. The back drop is a volcano!!!  This is THE BEST one in Costa Rica. Below is the link for the ziplining place we did. There are more out there but our guide brought us to this one because it is the best. Also, I liked the fact that they stop you (Im not a fan of zip lines where you have to help stop yourself). This one has the highest zip lines and goes the fastest! Click on the Arenal Volcano Theme park on the left side on the page.


Getting ready to zip line by the volcano

Getting ready to zip line by the volcano

We didn’t get a chance to do this but they also have tours where you can hike the base of the volcano. If we had another day in Arenal this is something that I would have loved to do.

Santa Teresa:
Beautiful town on the ocean. We stayed at the Luz de Vida. www.luzdevida-resort.com Nice place!

Stopped on the beach as we were riding to Santa Teresa

Stopped on the beach as we were riding to Santa Teresa

There is a sushi place near by (with to die for sushi) as well as a great burger place. The owner of the burger place won like first or second place on Iron Chef. He got tired of corporate cooking and moved to Costa to start a burger place.

Best sushi!!!

Best sushi!!!

Santa Teresa is also known for their surfing. The waves are perfect. You don’t have to be a good surfer to enjoy them. I recommend getting lessons. You can walk down to the beach and there are a ton of surf tents set up. You can get a lesson then. We found a guy named Jobbie. This guy was a trip. Laid back and good people. He spends part of the year in Costa doing yoga and surf lessons then spends the rest of the year in Los Angels, CA doing the same thing. Here is his link:http://www.surfjobbie.com/

After our lesson, he told us we could use the boards for the rest of the day, then we had a beer with him.

Other things:
Santa Teresa has tours/hikes that explore waterfalls and other amazing scenery. You can also rent four-wheelers and dirt bikes here.

This place is dirty, very tourist town. The beach has black dirt, there are hookers walking the street at nights (we saw one pushing her baby stroller, classy). I don’t have anything to say about this town that is too nice. It is a tourist town. So if you do hit Jaco, I would make it a pass through, just grab lunch kind of thing.

Hotel in Jaco on the black sand beaches

Hotel in Jaco on the black sand beaches

There were a lot of places that we visited that were off the beaten path. If you rent a 4×4 and explore, stop off at little places like the picture below to eat lunch and whatnot.

Random place at the top of a mountain to grab lunch

Random place at the top of a mountain to grab lunch

We did this a lot and were not disappointed. The fish is fresh, the people amazing, and the country beautiful.

On the side of the road in random places, there are vendors selling “copas or copa”, I always get it wrong. They are shaved ice, with a milk, a flavor and powder mixed together. They sell them in a little paper cup. If you see anything like this, GET IT!!!! We actually got the ingredients so when we got back home we could make them.

Waiting in line

Waiting in line



There was so much more we explored, stayed at and experienced. These are just a few of the highlights!


Have you been to Costa Rica before? What/where are some of the things you did and stayed?!

Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 8

Wrapping up weekend 8 of Yoga Teacher Training means only 4 more months to go!!!!!!

It was around this time last year that I started debating on the idea of doing teacher training. A year later I have to say that I am so glad that I did. Life changer!

November’s training covered so much information.

1. Restorative Yoga – Yoga for Immunity – last month basically half the people in training were in some stage of being sick. This weekend our teacher decided to do a full restorative class with us. AMAZING!! If you haven’t done a restorative class I highly recommend trying it. I felt so relaxed yet energized afterwards.

So what is Restorative Yoga? This style of yoga, props are used to support the body during the poses. This allows the opening of your body through passive stretching. Props used during restorative include bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps. Using props takes all the strain off your body so that you can get into the poses.

After training weekend, I bought some more props so that I can add in restorative to my practice.

2. Pranayama – Bellows or Bastrika: Breath of Fire. This month we focused on Bastrika’s breath. This pranayama helps in creating a gently heat in the body. During this breath, you inhale and exhale through the nose making sure to keep the inhale as long as the exhale. You use your abdominal muscles to work the inhale and exhale through exaggeration of the ab muscles. Basically when you inhale, allow the belly to expand and when you exhale, pull the naval toward your spine.

For Bastrika breath, you can use it at a slow and even pace then you can increase the pace.

3. Graduation Class: We had one graduation class this month. I did the beginning of the flow since it was all seated but once the poses moved to standing, I had to sit out (damn lungs!!). Then as the class moved back to the ground and laying, I was able to jump right back in. Great class!!

4. Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar Yoga was developed by B.K.S. Iyengar. It’s a form of Hatha Yoga. We had an Iyengar teacher come in and do an Iyengar practice with us. There is a great attention to detail with this practice, focus being on body alignment. This class was very verbal. The teacher would demostrate a pose, then we would go into it. If someone was out of alignment, she would go over to them and correct them immediately.

5. Philosophy – We broke into our philosophy classes to discuss The Path of the Yoga Sutras. We are almost done discussing this book in training! Once we finish talking about it, we start The Tree of Yoga. Well I guess I should say, we officially start reading The Tree of Yoga. I already started reading it but we won’t start discussing it until January or February.

6. Construction of a class  Oh yeah, it’s getting real now!! We have been learning so many aspects of yoga. We spent time on Forward Folds, Twists, Sun Salutations, Inversions, and Seated postures along with the different style of Pranayama. Putting all of it together to create a class…EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Do you play music? Lights dim/bright? Started seated or standing? Do you start with breath awareness or just jump into the flow? Will your class work up to one “big” pose or will it focus on the lower back?

7. Anatomy/Alignment - This one kind of speaks for itself. We talked about alignment in postures and anatomy.

Oh and this happened. Acro is fun :)


Next month’s training should be a blast as well!! We are having our Christmas party!!!