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New Fence is Coming…

….Must rent machinery!!!

The title says it all, we are finally getting a new fence for our backyard. A while ago, OK, a long while ago, a tornado blew through the neighborhood and it destroyed some things. It destroyed our fence on one side. Some of neighbors had it way worse than us. Sheds ripped up, trees destroyed, and one family lost their house (they have a new one there now).

So finally we are having a new fence put in this week, YAY!!!!!!! Let me tell you, we have two boxers that are going to freak out over this!!!

Along with Baron and Ava being happy about this, Colin was as well.

Instead of paying the fence people to come and remove the old fence posts, we decided to do it ourselves. We also needed a couple of tree stumps removed so just do it all at one time. In order to this we had to rent an EXCAVATOR!!

Cue Tim “The Toolman” Taylor here, ARR ARR ARR!! If you ever watched Home Improvement in the 90s, you know what I am talking about!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!


Time to start digging!!!!

Time to start digging!!!!

Brandon Rental showed up at 9am to drop off the excavator and were scheduled to pick it back up at 4pm. We had 17 fence posts that were in concrete to remove as well as 3 trees stumps. We had our work cut out for us. Our hope was we would have enough time to get it all done.

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Another victim!

Another victim!

One by one the posts came out! As you can see in the pic above, we had a nice stack of wood starting to pile up. By the end of the day this pile was huge. It also had sister piles of trees and wood. BIG FIRE!!!!

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit

After all the posts were out, it was time to clean out the corner of the house where some “evil plants from hell” were as well as a tree that was rubbing up on the house (that’s it in the above pic). Evil plants from Hell = green spiky things that hurt when they touch you!

We saved the “fun” job for last. We had a dead palm tree that needed to be removed. Quite sad actually, we loved this palm tree but it died on us :(

unnamed (1)

Colin did most of the work with the excavator but don’t think I didn’t get in on the fun! This was the start of digging the palm out. My shirt says, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”. It’s one of my favorite workout shirts (thank you Kristin at Stamped with a Heart). The only thing with wearing it yesterday is it was high of 90 and the humidity was at 63%, basically it was HOTl! I definitely was not sparkling, I was in full on sweat mode. Darn Florida summers!!



This poor excavator didn’t have the power to pull this palm stump out. We tried everything and nothing work. Way too much for this little guy to handle.

Eventually we had to throw in the towel. We dug the hole a bit deeper and buried it in the hole. What do you think the chances are a whole bunch of palm trees will now grow in that area?!?! oh to dream!



We wrapped up with the excavator a few minutes before 4 and had time to give it a quick hose down before the rental place came to pick it up. Renting this was the most brilliant idea ever!!!!! Made this job so much easier, seriously! The yard is only a little bit tore up, well it is a lot tore up but grass grows back quick ;)





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Sailing At It’s Best

Thursday night was AWESOME!!!! After missing last weeks race, we were back out on the boat (YAY!!!). Seriously, nothing better than finishing up a busy day at work then heading out to the water! Although with that said, I actually had a half day :)

When the US was playing in the World Cup, my team had a gauntlet. It’s basically about 4 or 5 hours of us competing for prizes followed by a team happy hour. For this one the happy hour was at a bar to cheer on the USA!

Part of the competition was “Best Dressed”, so we were encouraged to wear our Red, white and blue to show our support.

Well if you know me, you know I love dressing up for themes. I won “Best Dressed” back in October for our Halloween gauntlet, guess you can say I am on a roll with wins ;)

What was the winning outfit for Team USA?

updated Red White and  blue

OK, so I won the “Best Dressed” and the prize was a half day! I redeemed that half day on Thursday so Colin and I had a Day Date!

After our Day Date it was time to head to the dock to go sailing. The perfect night. The weather was great, the wind was great, the crew was great (as always). It was just a great night.

Heading out to the race

Heading out to the race

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, "How you doin"?

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, “How you doin”?

Some more pre-race sailing around

Some more pre-race sailing around

Right after we crossed the finish line I turned around and saw the other boats with their spinnakers up. I love that part, such a beautiful sight!


Coming into the basin around to the dock, the sun was almost gone.


So glad we aren’t sailing on the Melges 24 anymore, I REALLY like just putting the boat into the slip as opposed to having to head to the floating dock and wait in line to hoist the boat out of the water, (like in the pic below) onto the trailer then pull it over to the dry slip.

Especially on the nights where a storm is rolling in and lightning is bouncing everywhere.


After the race the crew went to our fav Mexican place for some margaritas (and I had the gauc tacos, kind of obsessed with them at the moment). While at dinner we got a text saying we got 2nd place! WOOT WOOT!!!


Savasana-ing Lika A Pro

I have been in yoga teacher training for 4 months now (1 weekend a month). I have been working on flows, practicing them to see how they feel, filming them to see how I sound and listening to music to see what will work for the class.

Along with working on flows, I have been working on savasana and “perfecting” it. Found some stellar songs to go with it. And today was my chance to teach it for the first time outside of teacher training!

Today at lunch a couple of girls from my team went downstairs to the gym to do yoga, via video. When the video class hit savasana, I took over and did my savasana.

It took me a few seconds to find my voice, so to speak. Once that came in, it was smooth sailing.

Afterwards, they gave me feedback and I asked questions to see what they thought. The good thing about practicing with friends is they will give you honest reviews. The word usage was great, the music was great, and they really liked it. Only need improvement was to go just a little bit slower at certain points.

I knew I was going slightly fast in some spots so I need to consciously slow it down.

Overall it was such an amazing experience. All the work and practice starting to come together!


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Videos To Make You Laugh!

Happy Sunday!

Colin and I are sitting here watching videos of our past adventures; SUPing, kayaking, playing on our enduros, kite boarding and motorcycle trips through Costa Rica (One day I swear we will put together a video of that trip to post).

We came across a couple that had us cracking up!

For your viewing enjoyment. These were shot at Cocoa Beach during our Surfing, Surf Kayaking and SUP trip there a couple of years back!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t actually smacked in the face by that SUP!!!!

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Back in May my husband and I rented an RV for the week and took off to Northern Georgia. You can catch up on that adventure Here, here and here!

During that trip we discovered many things, one of which was our love of RV-ing. We love exploring, we love adventures, and we love traveling.

We use to travel basically every weekend. Whether it was motorcycle trips, camping, kayaking or visiting the east coast for surfing and SUPing, we were always somewhere doing something. Last year became the final stretch of my husband working on his dissertation for his Ph.D. and we kind of had to slow down all the travel. Priorities folks!

As you can see, we still pack in as much as we can with the free time we have available.

We also have two furbabies, Baron and Ava! They are the cutest and sweetest, which makes is very hard to be away from them.

20140314_165729 20140313_171623 20140322_081537

So how do we combine our love for travel and adventure, while getting to have Baron and Ava with us?!?!


With that said, we have researched RV-ing. What RV styles we like. The length we want. What truck should we get to pull the RV. Where would we go. Where are places to stay including RV parks and non RV parks. SO many things to factor in.

And that leads us to THE DREAM…Buy an RV, a truck to tow the RV, sell everything we own and hit the road!

Stayed tuned to the new series RV Ventures!!





Rasa Lila Fest…Play. Dance. Love

Guess who has a time slot at Rasa Lila this year?!?!

You are probably asking what is Rasa Lila?!

Check out the site here: Rasa Lila Fest. If you don’t feel like clicking on the link, below is a mini section of the experience of Rasa Lila.

“Bringing together yoga and wellness enthusiasts from the Tampa Bay area and from throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States. 

Building from last year’s 800-plus participants, this year’s Rasa-Lila Fest is estimated to draw more than 1,000 to take part in more than yoga classes (including kids and partner yoga), musical acts, workshops from some of the most respected holistic health practitioners, and more.”

Before you get to excited, I’m not teaching a yoga class, at least not yet. I am presenting a class at the Family Fest area. I came up with finger painting. That may be either the worst idea or the best idea ever! Lots and lots of paper towels and cleaning wipes. But kids love finger painting so that will make me cool, right?!


So how did I get set up with  Rasa Lila?!

My yoga training school is running the Family Fest area. It wasn’t mandatory that we do an activity with the kids, we could volunteer if we wanted to. Of course, I wanted to.

During our down time from Family Fest, we will get to walk around and check everything out. I plan on taking a couple of yoga classes and visiting the vendors.

AND its Facebook official. Sure it says the same thing as the website but whatever ;)


I’m excited!!! Plus I get to hang out with my yogi friends!



Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend/Month 4

Last weekend was Weekend/Month 4 of Yoga Teacher Training, only 8 more months to go!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday’s training was awesome!!!!

We always start Saturday training with a kind of regrouping time. Even though we are all friends on Facebook and can see what we are all up to, it’s nice to talk about the highlights in person. Especially the people who are actually teaching or just starting to teach. Hearing their experiences, their nerves beforehand, then afterwards realizing they did better than they thought they would.

I’m not that far along in my training to even think about teaching so I just shared my birthday story of hang gliding!

After this catch up period, it was time for one of the 500 hours students to teach a Flow class. Michelle is AWESOME!! Everything about her class was amazing! Definitely going to take one of her classes at a local studio here in Tampa.

From here there was a short break time then it was time for another yoga class. This round, we had 4 of the 200 hour students each teach 15 minute segments. They worked it out that it would all flow together. Warm up, flow and Savasana. AMAZING!! Each one of them let their personality shine through in their flows. Heck, one even played Smashing Pumpkins and it felt like a rock yoga class!

After lunch, Jennifer (the owner of the yoga school) did a segment on “Connecting With Students”. I feel this is SO important. I have taken classes and some teachers I feel have no interest in their class, they are just going through the motions. That is actually a rarity that I have experienced. Most yoga teachers make you feel like they are your best friends. Definitely feel that connection.

From here we shifted our focus to Seated Postures and Pranayama (focusing on Bastika).

Practicing Bastrika breath

Practicing Bastrika breath

Based off this section, we created a sequence containing 4 seated postures. Each one of us got the chance to teach our mini sequence. It’s a bit unnerving to teach a flow, even if it is only 5 minutes. The fear that you will screw it up is there but then you remember, this is what I want to do and you just do it!

Sunday’s training was ramping up to be epic! However, I had an unfortunate event that led to a sore and swollen (eventually bruised knee). Sunday morning at home, walking outside through the sliding glass door, I stepped on something sharp, which in turn led me to jerk my left leg up and slam my left knee into the metal framing of the sliding glass door. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I may have laid on the back patio for a couple of minutes.

Then within an hour of that happening, I was playing with Ava and she raised her head as I was lowering mine. That move resulted in a huge busted lip for me. This led to some comments about me being a clumsy. I have to disagree as these two events were not due to clumsiness but to freak accidents and bad timing.

So anyways, I could have practiced with a busted lip. Hell, perfect time to practice inversions since my lip was already busted ;) The issue was my knee. It hurt to bend it or put pressure on it.

Complete bummer as there were some really great yoga flows for training that day. On the bright side, it was the perfect opportunity to observe a yoga class being taught and take some notes. you don’t really get that opportunity often. I made sure to take full advantage of it!

One of the students, Vicki taught a kick ass class and I made some stellar notes on her flow and the verbiage she used for transitions.

Following Vicki’s class, we had a 2 hour Anatomy presented by Dr. Anita. Such a great class with her. Humor mixed with anatomy, my kind of teaching!

After anatomy, it was time for a 200 hour graduation. Sarah did a restorative class and guess what, I could do that class. Well most of it anyways. I was happy I got a bit of practice in Sunday. Thank you Sarah!!!!!!

Restorative yoga uses lots of props!! Perfect for propping up a bum knee :)

Restorative yoga uses lots of props!! Perfect for propping up a bum knee :)

We rounded out the yoga bubble weekend with philosophy, Mantra study and a Chakra presentation on the Heart Chakra.

Mantra study

Mantra study

Photo credit for this goes to Brandie

Photo credit for this goes to Brandie

One weekend a month, we step into the “Yoga Bubble” as they call it. Sharing such a phenomenal experience with people who share a love of yoga and everything it encompasses is so inspiring.

There is a lot of “work” that goes into teacher training. I say “work” because if you love something, then it isn’t really work. So maybe a better word would be prepping?!?! The more I dive into it, the more I learn and the more I realize I have so, so much more to learn!

Always a student :)





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