Life Moves Pretty Fast…

It’s basically October, when the hell did that happen?!? No way is it almost October!

Today we celebrated my younger cousin turning 18…um, again I ask myself, when the hell did that happen?!?! No way is she 18 already!

Time is flying by my friends, hope you are stopping to enjoy all the moments!

Every morning I drive to work with the “Day Walkers”, that is what my husband calls all of us that have to drive to an office everyday. I take the same way everyday. Let me add, I only take the same way because I have tried all different ways and this the fastest route to work (if I don’t hit the trains, yep, trains, I cross 3 railroad tracks heading in). Some days its annoying taking the same way in…day after day but it allows me more time at home in the mornings. And that is totally worth the mundane path to work.

Now to mix it up I have gotten the itch to ride my bike to work. No idea where it came from but it’s just something that I want to do a couple of times a week. I can’t do it everyday because I am an account manager and have to go to clients but on the days where I have nothing planned, why not. It’s only 9 miles from house to work so 18 miles a round trip is nothing.

Last weekend Colin and I did a run to see the best way for me to take in and time about home long it would take. There is only one section that is kind of petrifying. No sidewalk or bike path along the road. The only space to ride is just a couple of feet wide and the semis, cars and trucks are right there. Not to mention, that part of the ride would be before the sunrises. But whatever right!!

We made the ride on Sunday and it took us 45 minutes to get there. Timing worked out because it was about time for lunch so we stopped on the way back at a place called The Bricks.

Cycing ybor1

Cycing ybor

So the big day came, the day I rode my bike to work. It was pretty awesome. That one section was pretty terrifying. I just hoped that everyone was paying attention to the road and not texting or eating a breakfast sandwich. Following the sketch section of road there is a bridge. Everyday I drive over the bridge I admire the scenery, cause who doesn’t love driving over water?!?!

The one thing that I never get to do is stop and enjoy it. Since I was peddling, I stopped at the top of the bridge and watched the sun rise. I wish everyday could start like that!!

cycling work

Then had to get a shot of downtown:

cycling work1

I ended up taking my lunch break to ride home then work from home the rest of the afternoon. Beat the typical afternoon thunderstorms.

Aside from cycling, lots of yoga. Which I had my Weekend 6 of yoga teacher training post almost done and my computer glitch and erased it…so with that I didn’t feel like retyping it all so it will eventually get posted. I even practice taught 2 classes last week at work during lunch. Technically I can’t teach in the gym at work but I go and whoever wants to join me can and I do my yoga practice and tell them how to move through the motions. Practice makes perfect!

Hope you guys have been have a stellar time!

Saddened By Development

When I started riding motorcycles, I bought a Yamaha XT 225. You can catch up on that story here! And for some of mine and Sadie’s (yes, I named my motorcycle Sadie) adventures, here are some of our highlights!

The thought process is, when you are learning to ride a motorcycle, it hurts less to fall in the dirt than it does on the road.

Since we had dual sports, street legal dirt bikes, we could ride on the roads until we came to a trail that looked like it might be fun to explore. And when I say trail, I don’t mean something that was a set trail or path. The spots we usually rode looked unused, like no one ventured down them before.

We found a great spot that we would ride regularly. It was such an EPIC spot. Sugar sand, dirt paths through trees and ditches, mud and so much more. Before we headed off to do our On/Off Road Enduro Trip all over Costa Rica, we would go to this hidden place to practice. I had only just begun riding at this point and if I was going to survive a motorcycle tour in Costa Rica, I needed to ride as much as I could, push myself as hard as I could and this spot had everything I needed to practice with it. Except muddy clay, it didn’t have muddy clay and that was an experience riding on in Costa Rica!

OK, getting off topic, I could talk about that Costa Rica trip for days :)

It was tucked away nicely on a very underdeveloped chunk of land. If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it. People who did know about this spot would take their 4-wheelers back there.

In the second link I posted at the beginning of this post shows a couple of pictures from this spot. Just look for the ones under the “Playing Off Road” part.

So why the trip down memory lane of this most epic riding spot?!

Saturday morning Colin and I set out cycling. We didn’t really have an end location in mind, it was more of a “Let’s ride and see where we end up” type of rides.

We packed up our bikes, put on our cycling shorts and hit the road!

Then on the way there, wherever there was, we came across a long paved road that had the entrance sign covered so you couldn’t tell what was back there. Of course, we had to take this road. Where did it go?! What was it for?!

The road was a winding one that lead us to the local campus of a community college. They had built another entrance and added a couple more buildings. As we were peddling down the road it hit us what/where we were peddling through…

This was our epic riding spot for the dual sports!!

Heartbreak set in. All those awesome trails and obstacles to ride over had been reduced to this:


I mean YAY for the school and all but man, it is so sad to think that area is now this. When we get our enduros in the next year I was hoping to go back to this spot and ride. Guess we will have to hit Richloam for that, which is pretty awesome but this place was close to the house.

Once our trip down memory lane was done, we continued on our way. So where did we end up?!

At Lazy Days to look at the Winnebago Tour that we are working toward getting. Such a beautiful coach! It’s important when you are working toward a goal, to remind yourself of that goal constantly! Popping by to look at the Tour is a way to keep our momentum going. Forgoing trips, shopping sprees, mindless spending on crap…it’s all for this!!!!



After we left there, we headed back home. Ended up being a 30 mile ride (burned over 1800 calories, Hell yeah!).

Hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend as well :)

Just a random pic of the moon with the storm rolling in :)

Just a random pic from tonight of the moon with the storm rolling in :)


Labor Day Night Regatta

What better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend than sailing in the Labor Day Night Regatta!!

OK, technically it was the Labor Day Night Race but regatta is just such a cooler word.

Regatta Gala!!

I’m a huge Friends fan and that was one of my favorite Rachel lines, “It’s a Regatta Gala”. Poor video quality but it’s around the :24 mark in the video below.

Alright, so back to the race last night!

We had a bigger turn out than I thought we would. 17 boats total; 8 Spin A boats and 9 Spin B boats (we are in the Spin B class). Beautiful sunset, hell of a lightning show during the entire race, nice breeze and great company!

The start of the race the wind was single digits knots. As the night went on, the breeze went up, especially after the sunset. When the storm rolled in we hit the low teens with gusts in the high teens, maybe even 20 knots.

In the darkness we could feel the storm all around of us. At one point we all grabbed our fouly gear to prepare for the downpour that would be unleashed on us….no rain. Quite shocked actually. I thought for sure we would be rained on during the race but the rain held out until we were driving home!

Final results, 5th in our class and 9th overall.

In the end, the results didn’t matter. We stayed safe, didn’t break the boat and had a great time!


Getting ready to start the race

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!

We have a lot of boats to pass!!!


And I leave you with these two awesome pups! Took these before we left for the race yesterday.


Getting ready to start the race

Getting ready to start the race


Rainbows and Sailing

Thursday night sailing in Florida usually means trying to beat the afternoon storms. In typical fashion, there was a storm sitting off of the yacht club and have to say it made for a beautiful sky.


I thought I was going to have to work late so I didn’t bring clothes to sail in. The plan was just to head to the club after work and wait for the race to get done to pick up Colin. Turns out, I did actually get out in time to make the race but still didn’t have clothes. Heels and work dress are cute but not when you are trying to hoist a sail or hanging off the rail.

During the race I hung out on the upper deck and enjoyed the weather.

Starting box

Starting box

They lucked out and didn’t get any rain!

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

Boats rounding B mark coming to A mark

WOO there is Time Bandit crossing the finish line! That is called 2nd place folks :)


And here come some more finishing up!


There was even a rainbow!


As we were walking back to the car after the race we caught the sunset.


RV Ventures – Visiting RV Dealerships

A couple of weeks ago I posted about dream of RV Ventures. Here is the next installment of the RV Ventures series.

One thing you have to do when planning a life on the road living in an RV, is visit RV dealerships to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Fifth wheels, Toy hauler fifth wheels, A and C class motor coaches, there are a lot of options out there.

This is going to be our home for a long period of time. We have made sure to give ourselves plenty of time to make the right decision for us. Lots of trips to RV dealerships to find out which one we like the best. Which one can we picture ourselves living in as we travel around the US and Canada?!

Random fact that we just found out, apparently the area we live in has the highest number of RV sales in the country! Amazing right. Never would have guessed that!

So with that said, this past weekend we headed up back up to RV dealers for more comparing. First we went to Camping World early Saturday morning to look at some fifth wheel toy haulers.


Front Living Fifth Wheel

Front Living Fifth Wheel

From there we went to Lazy Days to look at some Class A motor coaches. This wasn’t our first time at Lazy Days looking at Class A’s but we wanted to go back and look again.

We ended up staying there for about 4 hours or so. No joke! Why would we spend 4 hours looking at RVs?!?!

The Tour by Winnebago

The Tour by Winnebago

The Tour

Well, we stepped into the Entegra Cornerstone to check it out. There was another couple in there with a sales guy.  We briefly spoke with them but nothing too much. Until I had a question and asked the salesman.

That got all 5 of us talking! Needless to say we spent the next 4 hours hanging out with Jerry and Laurie along with salesman Todd.

Side note: If you are looking to buy an RV, contact Todd Earwood at Lazy Days. He is awesome!!! Todd’s number is 813-246-4999 ext 4581. Tell him Amy and Colin sent you!

Jerry and Laurie have been full-time RVers since 1998. They know a ton about life on the road. They shared a lot of information and tricks with us. They invited us up to the Crown Club for dinner, which gave us a chance to ask them more questions.

It also gave us the chance to get to know them a little better as well. Not only do they live in Moab, but they rock crawl. They have a jeep wrangler that they built and still climb it there. Truly awesome!

After dinner we said our goodbyes to Laurie and Jerry then headed back out to the lot with Todd. We didn’t realize it but it was 6:30pm, Lazy Days closed at 5. Todd spent an hour in a half after closing to show us around and talk to us in more detail.

Not kidding when I said Todd is awesome!

Todd's awesome wall of beach!

Todd’s office – an awesome wall of beach!

Saturday night was a lot of discussion about RVs. Which then in turn led us right back there on Sunday to look around and answer some of the questions we came up with.

Todd ended up meeting up with us and showing us a couple more RVs. Yes, they have that many RVs there!!!

We even got to take one for a test drive! Well Colin did, I enjoyed the ride!

Post drive, it was time for hotdogs! Lazy Days was having their 38th birthday party and you know what comes along with parties!!


Grilling out hot dogs, chips, chocolate chip cookies!

Once the storm rolled through we said bye to Todd and headed home. So much information to process. What we thought we wanted we don’t want anymore. What we thought we didn’t want, we do want now.

The flower pots at Lazy Days, I love this!

The flower pots at Lazy Days, I love this!

Stayed tuned for more RV Ventures!!!


Sweet Yoga Dreams

I love to sleep! I mean who doesn’t love to sleep?!?!

You brush your teeth, set your alarm for the next morning, and crawl into bed. Dream World USA, Here I come!

ZZZzzz, wait, what time is that meeting in the morning?! Don’t forget to call the doctor to set up that appointme ..Zzzzzzzz. CRAP, I forgot to pay that bill?!?! When did my parents say they were coming to visit?!

Who else experiences this at night? You are all ready for bed but your mind is still going 100 miles a minute or your body is so full of energy you can’t relax.

Yoga may be able to help you overcome this by relaxing the mind and body thus enabling you to have a great night of sleep. And the best part, you don’t even have to get out of bed to do it!

And remember, always practice yoga within your ability. If you are in a pose and you feel pain or discomfort, back out of the pose. Learning poses comes with practice and time. It is always best to check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions before starting yoga.

Here are a few of my favorite bedtime yoga poses.

Childs Pose

Child’s Pose – Come to all fours, make sure your knees are hip width apart, arms are directly under your shoulders. Sink your hips back towards your heels. You can rest your arms down along side your body or you can bring them by your ears. Do whatever one is comfortable for you. Take 10 breaths here.



Knees to Chest – You will begin this pose by lying on your back with your arms and legs extended. You will bring both of your knees into your chest, clasping your hands around your knees. Slightly tuck your chin and make sure to keep your shoulder blades on the bed. Hold this pose for 1 to 2 minutes. If you want to add a bit more to the pose, you can slowly rock side-to-side to massage the lower back.


Knee to Chest – Lie on your back with the left leg straight and right leg bent, holding on to the right knee with both hands. Take 5 deep breaths. Then switch legs and take 5 deep breaths.

Seated Twist

Seated Twist – For this pose you will want to start in a seated position. Your arms will be at rest to either side of your body. Take your right hand and place it on the ground behind your right hip. Bring your left hand to your right knee. For each exhale you will twist the torso to the right. Take 10 breaths here. Repeat on the other side.



Legs Up The Wall – This is an inversion pose. Sit with one side next to the wall, as you slowly lie down, you will turn your so that the back of your legs press against the wall.  Close your eyes and stay in this position for a couple of minutes. Modification:  You can add a blanket or bolster underneath your hips for added support or comfort. Press the bottom of your feet against the wall, lift your hips, then you can slide your prop of choice into place.

These are just a few poses to help your body relax and get ready for a good night of sleep!

And a shout out to Casper Sleep for inspiring my post. Nothing like looking at mattresses online to spark a post idea!

Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 5

5 months into training!! I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. Always a student!!

This weekend’s training was titled, “Salutations”. Actually quite appropriate as we had 7 new people join the training!

And that means I am no longer a newbie!! We have a rolling enrollment style training. There are not only 200 hour students starting at different times, there are also 500 hour students in our training as well. There were 6 people starting in my group back in April. It is still crazy to think I am 5 months in!!!

Before I get into the training weekend, an awesome thing happened yesterday! I taught my first full flow!!! Some of my co-workers and I headed to the gym during lunch and I taught my sequence and savasana! They gave me some solid feedback and I have some things to improve on, mainly cues. Especially for people brand new to yoga. AHHHHHHHHHH! yeah, that is how exciting it was! Always enjoy the small victories!

OK, back to training weekend :)

Here are the highlights:

  • Ashtanga class. Heard of it yes, practiced it no. Our guest did about a 20 minute intro as to what Ashtanga was and then we did an hour and a half Ashtanga practice. Intense!!! It was also pretty awesome.
  • Introduction into the Bhagavad Gita. We had an introduction to it on Saturday. That intro was to get us ready for Sunday in which we had two presenters come in from the Hindu Temple and speak about it to us in more detail.

I haven’t really started reading the Bhagavad Gita yet, still working on the Yoga Sutras. And Ashtanga was a new experience for me as well. Basically those are two topics you are better off using Google for cause I am still working on learning them myself :)

  • Salutations and Standing postures!! This month our focus was on the anatomy of Salutations and Standing postures, creating a sequence focusing on these postures, then practice teaching them in small groups. That was fun! No joke!
  • Yoga for Youth. Our teacher has just spent a week getting her Kids Yoga Certification so she had lots of great information to share with us!

One part was Toe-ga! This is a real thing and even has a song. You take the craft pompoms and put them in the center of the room. Everyone starts on their mats then on “GO”, everyone runs to the center collecting the pompoms with their toes. The goal is to bring as many back to your mat as you can.




To round out the night, we made mala beads. One of the 500 hour students, Viki, makes mala beads for her business They are absolutely beautiful. For the class demonstration, we used craft beads but it was good to learn how to make malas.


  • Graduation Classes – We had two people graduate this weekend. Rachel graduated with her 200 hour and Lyman graduated with his 500 hour. Both classes were exceptional! hard to imagine I will be doing a graduation class!  For 500 hour graduates, their graduation classes are done more workshop style. The two that I have been in, it starts with a lecture of sorts followed by a asanas (poses).


  •  Graduation Prep Teaching – next month there are 3 students graduating. Leading up to their graduation, they start teaching more and longer segments to get them ready for their graduation class.

Group photo

  • Mantra and Throat Chakra – We end every training weekend with Mantra Study and a Chakra presentation. The mantra focused on “Beyond Fear”. I put the Sanskrit of the mantra below and the translation along with it. During this part, I lay on my mat with an eye pillow and just relax. I find it is the perfect relaxing way to end the weekend.

Seriously, another amazing weekend! I am so glad I decided to embark on this journey!


Shante Prasante

Sava Bhaya

Upasha Mani Swaha

“Invoking the spirit of the supreme peace, I offer up the energy of fear to the universal formless mind”

yoga bubble

Voyage Through The Week

It’s been a jammed pack week! First I have been house/dog siting all week (back to my house and pups and husband today!!!!!). Got to spend the week with my buddy Oliver (Oli, olister, olinator, Oli van damn, and my favorite OLI-WOOD). It’s been about 12 or 13 years I have been watching Oli. He was just a puppy!!! Amazing how fast time flies!


Monday Baron developed a cough :( So bright and early we took him to see Dr Steve at Davis Islands Animal Clinic. For you locals, if you are looking for a vet, make Dr. Steve your guy! He is awesome and Baron and Ava love him. Case in point, even though it was Baron’s visit, Ava jumped up on the table tying to get Dr. Steve’s attention!


Wednesday we got our new fence!!!!!!! BARON AND AVA ARE IN HEAVEN!!!! Pics to come.

While the fence was being put in, I was at the Rays game.  My work treated us all to an afternoon of baseball. An AC’d stadium is pure freaking genius! Not even kidding. It was so hot that I think we all would have melted had it not been ac’d. Plus I think the sting rays enjoyed the AC. Yes, our baseball stadium has sting rays swimming around. We are so Florida! Thanks work for the fun afternoon!

In the tank are sting rays, sorry there are no close ups, I didn't make it up over there to see them.

In the tank are sting rays, sorry there are no close ups, I didn’t make it up over there to see them.

and our seats were pretty good!

and our seats were pretty good!


Thursday’s I leave work early to make it sailing. This Thursday I left at normal time so didn’t make it to the dock in time. However, it did give me the chance to watch the race from the yacht club and snap some pics of boats coming up to the finish line. Including my crew on Time Bandit!!


The boats approaching the last mark before heading to the finish line

The boats approaching the last mark before heading to the finish line

My crew Time Bandit coming up to the finish line!!

My crew Time Bandit coming up to the finish line!!



There they are!! And my husband waving for the camera!

There they are!! And my husband waving for the camera!

And of course I did a lot of yoga. Mostly in “normal” places:

by the water

by the water

by a tree, doing tree

by a tree, doing tree (this is also Day 2 of the challenge with Erin Motz, see more on that below).

Then there were some random places:

on the breakfast bar in an RV (posts to follow about the RV)

on the breakfast bar in an RV (posts to follow about the RV)

For this next one, it is for a yoga challenge on Instagram. This is the first one I have done and here’s why it appealed to me. First it is by Erin Motz, she is my FAVORITE yoga teacher. She did the 30 day Yoga Challenge and she also did the Kickstarter with MyYogaPro.

What I liked about her challenge is it wasn’t about her posting a pose then everyone doing that pose.

She says it best on her website: “Starting august 1st, ill be hosting the first ever bad yogi instagram challenge to showcase how#badyogisdoit!*** it’ll be 10 days long, and each day i’ll give you a specific theme (like where, when, or with whom) and you tag #badyogisdoit along with your picture entry. you’ll pick the pose, i pick the theme. that way, everyone can participate regardless of how strong, flexible or advanced you are“.

Day 1 was your first time doing yoga. Pick what pose you couldn’t do and now it is a part of your regular practice. I choose Crow. in the beginning it was so hard to do and now I pop into Crow anywhere. Including on top of file cabinets at work (if you look closely you can see downtown Tampa in the background). It isn’t the best quality of pictures and not to mention, it was challenging because the file cabinet was moving around the entire time.


Seems appropriate I end this post with yoga as I start weekend 5 of my Yoga Teacher Training today!! Holy Crap, it’s already been 5 months!! Today we are doing 2 hours of Ashtanga and tomorrow there are two graduating students to that means two graduating yoga classes. It’s going to be a great weekend in the yoga bubble!

Hope you have a great weekend!




New Fence is Coming…

….Must rent machinery!!!

The title says it all, we are finally getting a new fence for our backyard. A while ago, OK, a long while ago, a tornado blew through the neighborhood and it destroyed some things. It destroyed our fence on one side. Some of neighbors had it way worse than us. Sheds ripped up, trees destroyed, and one family lost their house (they have a new one there now).

So finally we are having a new fence put in this week, YAY!!!!!!! Let me tell you, we have two boxers that are going to freak out over this!!!

Along with Baron and Ava being happy about this, Colin was as well.

Instead of paying the fence people to come and remove the old fence posts, we decided to do it ourselves. We also needed a couple of tree stumps removed so just do it all at one time. In order to this we had to rent an EXCAVATOR!!

Cue Tim “The Toolman” Taylor here, ARR ARR ARR!! If you ever watched Home Improvement in the 90s, you know what I am talking about!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!

If anyone of you are locals to Brandon/Tampa and need to rent machinery, I highly recommend Brandon Rental, they were awesome!!!


Time to start digging!!!!

Time to start digging!!!!

Brandon Rental showed up at 9am to drop off the excavator and were scheduled to pick it back up at 4pm. We had 17 fence posts that were in concrete to remove as well as 3 trees stumps. We had our work cut out for us. Our hope was we would have enough time to get it all done.

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Let the fun begin!! These fence posts done stand a chance!

Another victim!

Another victim!

One by one the posts came out! As you can see in the pic above, we had a nice stack of wood starting to pile up. By the end of the day this pile was huge. It also had sister piles of trees and wood. BIG FIRE!!!!

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit

After all the posts were out, it was time to clean out the corner of the house where some “evil plants from hell” were as well as a tree that was rubbing up on the house (that’s it in the above pic). Evil plants from Hell = green spiky things that hurt when they touch you!

We saved the “fun” job for last. We had a dead palm tree that needed to be removed. Quite sad actually, we loved this palm tree but it died on us :(

unnamed (1)

Colin did most of the work with the excavator but don’t think I didn’t get in on the fun! This was the start of digging the palm out. My shirt says, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”. It’s one of my favorite workout shirts (thank you Kristin at Stamped with a Heart). The only thing with wearing it yesterday is it was high of 90 and the humidity was at 63%, basically it was HOTl! I definitely was not sparkling, I was in full on sweat mode. Darn Florida summers!!



This poor excavator didn’t have the power to pull this palm stump out. We tried everything and nothing work. Way too much for this little guy to handle.

Eventually we had to throw in the towel. We dug the hole a bit deeper and buried it in the hole. What do you think the chances are a whole bunch of palm trees will now grow in that area?!?! oh to dream!



We wrapped up with the excavator a few minutes before 4 and had time to give it a quick hose down before the rental place came to pick it up. Renting this was the most brilliant idea ever!!!!! Made this job so much easier, seriously! The yard is only a little bit tore up, well it is a lot tore up but grass grows back quick ;)





Sailing At It’s Best

Thursday night was AWESOME!!!! After missing last weeks race, we were back out on the boat (YAY!!!). Seriously, nothing better than finishing up a busy day at work then heading out to the water! Although with that said, I actually had a half day :)

When the US was playing in the World Cup, my team had a gauntlet. It’s basically about 4 or 5 hours of us competing for prizes followed by a team happy hour. For this one the happy hour was at a bar to cheer on the USA!

Part of the competition was “Best Dressed”, so we were encouraged to wear our Red, white and blue to show our support.

Well if you know me, you know I love dressing up for themes. I won “Best Dressed” back in October for our Halloween gauntlet, guess you can say I am on a roll with wins ;)

What was the winning outfit for Team USA?

updated Red White and  blue

OK, so I won the “Best Dressed” and the prize was a half day! I redeemed that half day on Thursday so Colin and I had a Day Date!

After our Day Date it was time to head to the dock to go sailing. The perfect night. The weather was great, the wind was great, the crew was great (as always). It was just a great night.

Heading out to the race

Heading out to the race

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, "How you doin"?

Hello to the handsome man in the red hat, “How you doin”?

Some more pre-race sailing around

Some more pre-race sailing around

Right after we crossed the finish line I turned around and saw the other boats with their spinnakers up. I love that part, such a beautiful sight!


Coming into the basin around to the dock, the sun was almost gone.


So glad we aren’t sailing on the Melges 24 anymore, I REALLY like just putting the boat into the slip as opposed to having to head to the floating dock and wait in line to hoist the boat out of the water, (like in the pic below) onto the trailer then pull it over to the dry slip.

Especially on the nights where a storm is rolling in and lightning is bouncing everywhere.


After the race the crew went to our fav Mexican place for some margaritas (and I had the gauc tacos, kind of obsessed with them at the moment). While at dinner we got a text saying we got 2nd place! WOOT WOOT!!!