Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 8

Wrapping up weekend 8 of Yoga Teacher Training means only 4 more months to go!!!!!!

It was around this time last year that I started debating on the idea of doing teacher training. A year later I have to say that I am so glad that I did. Life changer!

November’s training covered so much information.

1. Restorative Yoga – Yoga for Immunity - last month basically half the people in training were in some stage of being sick. This weekend our teacher decided to do a full restorative class with us. AMAZING!! If you haven’t done a restorative class I highly recommend trying it. I felt so relaxed yet energized afterwards.

So what is Restorative Yoga? This style of yoga, props are used to support the body during the poses. This allows the opening of your body through passive stretching. Props used during restorative include bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps. Using props takes all the strain off your body so that you can get into the poses.

After training weekend, I bought some more props so that I can add in restorative to my practice.

2. Pranayama – Bellows or Bastrika: Breath of Fire. This month we focused on Bastrika’s breath. This pranayama helps in creating a gently heat in the body. During this breath, you inhale and exhale through the nose making sure to keep the inhale as long as the exhale. You use your abdominal muscles to work the inhale and exhale through exaggeration of the ab muscles. Basically when you inhale, allow the belly to expand and when you exhale, pull the naval toward your spine.

For Bastrika breath, you can use it at a slow and even pace then you can increase the pace.

3. Graduation Class: We had one graduation class this month. I did the beginning of the flow since it was all seated but once the poses moved to standing, I had to sit out (damn lungs!!). Then as the class moved back to the ground and laying, I was able to jump right back in. Great class!!

4. Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar Yoga was developed by B.K.S. Iyengar. It’s a form of Hatha Yoga. We had an Iyengar teacher come in and do an Iyengar practice with us. There is a great attention to detail with this practice, focus being on body alignment. This class was very verbal. The teacher would demostrate a pose, then we would go into it. If someone was out of alignment, she would go over to them and correct them immediately.

5. Philosophy – We broke into our philosophy classes to discuss The Path of the Yoga Sutras. We are almost done discussing this book in training! Once we finish talking about it, we start The Tree of Yoga. Well I guess I should say, we officially start reading The Tree of Yoga. I already started reading it but we won’t start discussing it until January or February.

6. Construction of a class  Oh yeah, it’s getting real now!! We have been learning so many aspects of yoga. We spent time on Forward Folds, Twists, Sun Salutations, Inversions, and Seated postures along with the different style of Pranayama. Putting all of it together to create a class…EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Do you play music? Lights dim/bright? Started seated or standing? Do you start with breath awareness or just jump into the flow? Will your class work up to one “big” pose or will it focus on the lower back?

7. Anatomy/Alignment - This one kind of speaks for itself. We talked about alignment in postures and anatomy.

Oh and this happened. Acro is fun :)


Next month’s training should be a blast as well!! We are having our Christmas party!!!

Time To Catch Up

Hi. It’s been awhile. Where to start, where to start?!?!

Halloween!! This year I went as Ace Ventura….The Shady Acres mental hospital scene. It seemed appropriate since it was in Tampa and I live in Tampa.

I got to wear a tutu, buy the boots I have wanted, put foam pieces in my hair  and use more hairspray than should ever be used on hair.

This was one of the top funniest times I have had dressing up in costume for Halloween!!! In all fairness, I have been pretty drunk during some Halloween’s so maybe there were more fun times, but I’ll never know.

When the judges came around to judge us, I performed the backwards scene. I truly think I missed my Hollywood calling ;)

I got 3rd place in the Halloween contest!! I lost out to Steve Urkel and Gangnam Style. There really was no way of beating these guys!!

And yes, there was a team in my building that decorated their work space with Sharknado.

IMG_20141031_091207 IMG_20141031_090250

Now on to the exciting news! So there hasn’t been many pics or stories of me doing much of anything as of late :( Yeah, incredibly sad. For about 7 weeks I was dealing with some breathing issues.

Last week, FINALLY, I started to feel better. Slowly started adding yoga and Pilates back into my routine as well as went for a 2 mile walk. This morning went for another walk. They may have been 18 minute miles but progress is progress and I’ll take it.


I was starting to go a little crazy not being able to do anything. I’m way too active to not be active. I did try to go for a run about 4 weeks back..that didn’t end well. Wheeze, wheeze, BLAH!

When I went back to the doctor last week, she explained what is going on and hopefully in a month or two I will be back to 100%. Right now, still have to use an inhaler before I work out. And can’t push too hard, I will not be running any time soon but hopefully soon enough I will be.

The view leaving my doctor's office

The view leaving my doctor’s office

I tried to take a picture outside for an Instagram yoga challenge (which I didn’t keep up with) and was immediately attacked by these two adorable guys. Then Ava came back and did a solo attack. Sometimes I can’t handle their cuteness.

IMG_20141102_105612 IMG_20141102_105932

Took some time and helped Feeding Children Everywhere. We packed around 250,000 meals for families in Tanzania.


Helped in getting a friend a job and we went out for sushi to celebrate. SUSHI= DEVOURED!!


Also had yoga teacher training in there as well. That will be coming up in a post soon. Month 8!! Only 4 more months to go!!!

yoga bubble

OH, me and this guy, we celebrated our 525th day of being married!!! We were married on 5/25/2013. So it was only appropriate we celebrate day 525!! So much love!!!


Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 7

Month 7 of yoga teacher training has come and gone!

I say this every month but I feel like I just started. It’s amazing how fast time goes.

Saturday, the start of month 7, seemed more like an infirmary than a yoga training. There was a large amount of people who were at some stage of sickness. At the time I felt better, just having that issue breathing (which I am still dealing with, come on lungs, let’s get better!!).

Sunday’s training class was about half full. Ironically enough, November’s training is going to have a segment on “Yoga for Immunity”.

Alright, now on to the topic of training weekend 7!

  • Nutrition – This month we had a guest speaker come in and speak to us on nutrition. Since it was the start of Fall, she focused on Fall food, mainly soup! It inspired me and I have made a couple of the soups! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The Farro Chickpea with Rosemary is my favorite!


  • Graduation Class - One of the 500 hour students did her graduation class. Their classes are always awesome since they are set up like a workshop as opposed to a yoga class. The focus on for this class was making Mala beads and the meaning behind the beads.
  • Warm Ups/Setting The Tone – During the warm-up section of the class, you introduce yourself, see the comfort and level of the class. Do you play music or go with silence? Lights on full force or dim? Start the class seated or standing? All this sets the tone for your class! Part B to this was we got to teach a warm-up sequence on small groups!
  • Watch and Learn - This part of training is pretty cool. Half the class gets taught while the other half observes and takes notes. It is slightly awkward at times knowing there is 15 people watching you flow through but whatever!
  • 500 Hour Student Teaching – I sat this one out. Since I was having breathing issues, I went in the other studio room to do an hour of restorative yoga. It was amazing!!!!!!!!
  • Inversion Prep Talk – My favorite, inversions!!! We learned how to teach students to do inversions. Our teacher brought in a Headstand Bench and I had to own one!! Family fun for allHusband upside down


Namaste out!


It’s Almost Halloween!!!

My favorite holiday of the year is almost here!!! There is no better holiday than Halloween!!

It’s always been one of my favorites. All the scary movies, the freaky decorations, the costumes, the parties (in costumes), it’s just a fun holiday all around. There is no pressure to cook a feast or buy the perfect gift. Just dress up and have fun!

Over the years my outfits have been, well, I liked showing some skin…here are some of my favorites from over the years. A few I couldn’t find and there are a few I couldn’t post…I did green out my friend’s faces. These pics are from our crazy party days and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t want their pics posted on here since they are professionals and/or parents now :)

The rock star outfit was used multiple years, it was a rockin” outfit!

2007 outfit 1

2007 outfit 2

2008 dress up halloween


2008 beer fest

2008 pirate

For 2014, I’m taking a different approach. I’m going for funny instead of slutty. Not to mention, there is a $75 prize at work for best costume! I am going for the hat-trick of winning “Best Costume”.

Here’s a hint…do you know what it could be?!?!?


Are you dressing up?!? What are you going as?!

Rasa-Lila Festival


That’s what Rasa-Lila is all about! You can check out their website here: Rasa-Lila Fest.

OH WAIT, check me out…pardon the cheesy screen shot from my phone :)


There are yoga classes going on all day at many stages. SUP and kayaks, which included a couple of SUP yoga classes. Live music, vendors, juices, teas, food, acro yoga and the family festival.

My yoga training school ran the Family Fest portion.


During the day, we each set up our own kid friendly activity. I choose finger painting because what better thing to do with kids than the most messy thing ever!!!

mine is the one with the big red hand print

mine is the one with the big red hand print

Another girl brought a slack line to use. I have always wanted to try it and finally did.



It wasn’t graceful like this:


I needed someone’s hand as training wheels but for my first time out, not too shabby. Then we started doing hand stands from the slack line. That was fun. I only held it for a few seconds, of course didn’t get a picture of those few seconds but did get a picture of what it looked like most of the other times I did it. I’ll take it, that shit wasn’t easy!


There was also hula hooping. I treated mine like a baton. I was always good at baton as a kid!!!


Glittery tattoos! Which will be the closest thing to a real tattoo I ever get…


The SUP area. They were all out on the other side of these trees doing a SUP yoga class when I came over to take a picture.


I didn’t buy it but I totally dig what it is saying!


Oh, and of course, yoga classes!!


It was a fun festival!


Not Being Able To Breathe…

…Really sucks!!!

So a few weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon my throat started to get that sore feeling. Friday, full on sore throat. Took the day off, laid on my couch with fur kiddos and my husband played doctor.

These two are better than any medicine!

These two are better than any medicine!

Saturday I felt better, just run down. Sunday felt great except I was starting to have a shortness of breath. Didn’t think much of it cause it wasn’t frequent. Monday, still felt great but the shortness of breath was increasing in frequency. By Tuesday, it was an all out shortness of breath all day long.

I’d catch it then it would be gone again. This was all day long.

I ended up leaving work early to go to the doctor to get checked out. My lungs sounded good. the EKG was good. They decided to do an Albuterol treatment on me.


After that was done, they kept checking in on me to see if it worked. I didn’t feel any immediate effects but to cover all bases they did a chest x-ray on me. That came back clear!

Once the x-rays were done, I started to breathe better. The Albuterol took a bit to kick in on me but if finally did. The doctor prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to use for the next few days.

Needless to say, I didn’t do much working out for the past few weeks. Last weekend in teacher training I sat out of Saturday’s flows but Sunday I was back in action. I still took last week off from working out just to make sure I kicked the upper respiratory infection. I did start doing yoga again, that was AWESOME!!!

This week I finally get back to running and cycling :) Long overdue!!

So what have I been up to while not being able to be active like I usually am?!?!


Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Went to the Don Garlits Museum up in Ocala. If you like muscle cars, drag cars and vintage cars, this is the place for you.

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Lazy Days, for like the 100th time, to go look at the 2014 and 2015 Winnebago Tour. Everyday we are one step closer!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Had many dates with my husband, one of which included Spooky Halloween Sushi!!!

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.

Watched the start of the race one Thursday from the shore.


There really wasn’t too much I could do during this time frame. Walking around the Don Garlits museum was annoying because I had to stop and catch my breath, then use my inhaler. BLAH!!!

I did also had yoga teacher training one weekend and went to Rasa-Lila this past Saturday. Each of those are getting their own separate post. Now that I can actually breath again, I’ll finally be able to move around without having to fight to catch my breath!!


Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 6

It is official, I am halfway through yoga teacher training!!

Another jam-packed weekend in our yoga bubble (that is what we call our yoga training weekends since we are immersed in yoga for 16 hours over the course of two days).

Topics of the weekend:

  • Practice teaching groups: I love when we get to practice teach!! This month I led about 10 people through a short flow. AHHHHHHHHHH! Still working on finding my groove but I feel it coming! 6 months ago when I started this journey, I recall day 1, weekend 1 we had to teach a small group…I was like are you serious?!?! I have been in training for 6 hours and I have to teach these people!!!!!!! It was somewhat nerve-racking but man is it getting easier! Now I look forward to it as opposed to dreading it.
  • Ayurveda - Saturday and Sunday we had a presentation on Ayurveda. Ayurveda focuses on preventive health as opposed as reactive health care. Having originated in India thousands of years ago, it is one of the oldest holistic healing system. Ayurveda helps keep our unique body/mind constitution in balance. So “how do you do that!?!” you are probably asking…This tradition is based on the cosmic principle that there exists within ourselves, as in our world, five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth).  We are each born with a unique combo of these elements, which is called our Prakriti. Our Prakriti consists of three forces, which is called Dosha(s). Each of the three Doshas are made up of our primary and secondary element. So;  Air and Space = Vata. Fire and Water = Pitta. Water and Earth = Kapha. That’s as far as my knowledge goes without having to Google a bunch of stuff. This was my first intro to Ayurveda and I learned the basics. At the end of the presentation, we completed a questionnaire, tallied up our answers and it told us what Dosha we were. Once you know what Dosha you are, you can learn to keep you dosha in check thus living a disease free and balanced life. You get sick when your dosha is out of balance.
    • In case you are wondering I am Pitta. Fire and Water, baby!

yoga training

  • Graduation classes: We had 3 graduation classes this month. The thing about graduation classes is they are all unique and different. I absolutely love them! Each person lets their personality come out and the classes are truly beautiful. One of the classes involved us being blind-folded the entire class. My Tree Pose was definitely blowing all around but every other pose I was more in tune to where my body was and more focused. Another of the classes made us slow down. The graduate would say a pose, chant 4 times during which we were to take the entire time he chanted to move into the pose. We would then hold the pose as he chanted 4 more times. Repeat this during the entire class.
Getting ready to start a graduation class

Getting ready to start a graduation class

  • The Yoga Sutras – Usually for philosophy we break into small groups based on when we started. This month instead of doing our small groups, we did a full class discussion.

yoga training2

Looking over what I typed it doesn’t looked like we did much but training was so “busy”. So much going on. So much knowledge, philosophy, laughs, love, tears (there is always tears in yoga training, maybe not from me but it can get pretty emotional for a lot of people), asanas, guests and I know I am leaving so much out!

Last night I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga Since I was wrapping up the day, I opted do do what we do at the end of class. Seemed appropriate. And now seems appropriate to end this post.

Last night I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga Since I was wrapping up the day, I opted  to do what we do at the end of class. Seemed appropriate. And now seems appropriate to end this post.