Yoga Everywhere!!!

So many exciting yoga things happening right now, thought I would share them with you!

I started teaching classes, like officially now! After class I like to stand on my head :)



Just wrapped up month 3 in my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training journey, only 2 more months to go before I am Certified to teach Prenatal Yoga Classes!

I teamed up with The Get In Shape Girl to bring yoga to her May challenge! You can check out her website here and her Facebook page here!!

We filmed a couple of fun yoga videos for the month of May! So exciting, stay tuned at the start of May and more details! Luckily, May is only a few days away so you won’t have to wait long :)


After we filmed the videos, we went to Yoga In The Park in downtown Tampa!

We were able to walk to the park and got to check out the new River Walk along the Hillsborough River! So nice!



Great view of the University of Tampa across the river.


When we were walking up, we could see it was pretty packed. There was a couple hundred yogis there ready to get their flow on!


We found our spot and yoga was on!


View from my mat of downtown Tampa.


Such a beautiful day out! Then a big storm cloud started to roll in…


The class ended up being about 45 minutes long instead of an hour. She cut out some poses and started savasana. About 5 seconds into savasana, the rain started. Kind of cool actually!

You can’t see the rain in this picture, but trust me, it’s there!


Since we walked there and it was now storming, we called an Uber to get back to the house.

Such a fun day! For all you locals, if you haven’t been to Yoga In The Park on Sunday’s at Curtis Hixon, I highly recommend you check it out!



The last few weeks have been a whirlwind!!! More on that later though :)

We took off Sunday morning to explore some spots around our area! Found a fun new place to play for a bit!

Then for our last adventure of the ride, we revisited an old spot of ours! Let’s just say it was a water spot and it was very much needed. We aren’t even in Summer yet and the Florida heat is taking over!!

This spot cooled us off :)

Colin’s ride:

My ride:

Happy Riding!!

Top Golf Excursion

Friday was a day off for me so after visiting my gran in the hospital, Colin and I headed to Top Golf for some lunch and golf.

Fun place. I was happy we got a bay on the 3rd level, I mean what is cooler than being on the top level?!?!


Look at that form!!


My form is basically pro status, I am a natural at golf :)

top golf 2

Lunch was amazing!! I went with the veggie burger and sweet potato fries. You can never go wrong with sweet potato fries.


Oh look who won the first game!!!!!!!!!! The second game the tables turned…Colin may have won that game but since there isn’t proof it didn’t happen ;)



Buddhist Thai Temple

My husband and I finally checked out the Wat Mongkolratanaram (Buddhist Thai Temple) here in Tampa.

On Sunday’s the temple holds a Sunday Market, which includes a variety of Thai foods.

I would love to say we just discovered this “hidden gem” but we have known about it for months, just never remembered to go. The sad part of that statement is it has been around for longer than just a few months and somehow we missed it.

Not even kidding, it is about 5 minutes from our house. We are kind of shocked that we didn’t discover this sooner!!!

Apparently, this was the weekend to check it out since it was Easter. It was still busy but it is even busier on regular Sundays. Which if that is the case, I recommend going early!

I didn’t get any pictures of the market itself but oh the food!!! So much amazing food! I wanted to try everything!

I really wanted to soup but the line for that was VERY long. I was hungry and didn’t want to wait that long so I ended up getting a veggie egg roll and Tofu Pad Thai. Should have tried a dessert but there we were so full!! Next time!!!

After we got our food, we came out to sit along the river to enjoy the view and breeze.




It was close to impossible to get a seat at one of the many picnic tables. However, I have to say sitting on a bench overlooking the water was the best place to sit!

The building past the picnic tables is where all the food is.


The temple.


It was also pretty impossible to get a picture of this without someone standing in front of it, so random guy, welcome to my blog :)


I was able to snap this close-up pic right before another couple came to take their picture next to it.


My husband looking sharp, as always!


To the left of the below picture is the food market and on the right is the picnic table area.

Happy Easter from the Arnold’s!


What better place to do yoga!! Granted, I couldn’t do my usual tree pose as I was wearing a short dress and I am not about flashing people!


If you are in Tampa, I highly recommend going here during the Sunday market!

Catching UP

It’s been a while so let’s play catch up :)

Baron got a tan and ponder life:


I went cycling for the first time in 7 months!!! (and took a picture of my toes).


Also went for a run!20150328_090838

I turned my kitchen into f*cking Thug Life!20150328_113736

We had a fire! First one of Winter, oh wait it is Spring, little late there ;)


Ava is still in her cast. X-rays this week showed the healing is good but not great. She still has a way to go.


I have finished 2 months of Prenatal Yoga Training!!


We went for a ride on this beautiful thing. It has been a long time since I have been on the back of a motorcycle, I prefer to ride my own :)


Adventurous Fitness & Yoga

For those of you that have read my blog for a while now or maybe you are new to the blog and have looked though some older posts, you know that I love adventure.

Riding motorcycles, hiking, racing sailboats, wake-boarding, hang gliding, SUP-ing, camping, the list goes on and on.

Adding on to all of those fun and adventurous hobbies, I recently graduated with my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification!!

Combining my love of yoga, a healthy lifestyle and adventure, I created Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

Adventurous Fitness & Yoga is where I have my yoga schedule (coming April 2015), prenatal yoga information (due date June 2015), workouts, healthy recipes, fitness related adventures and of course, YOGA POSTS!!!

Adventurous Wanderings didn’t feel like the right place to talk about a quinoa salad or poses for pregnant women. Plus, I need a business looking website for people to check out my yoga schedule.

These factors led to Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

You can check out the website here! and the Facebook page here!!

It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely!!

Yogi on a motorcycle 5


Ava, The Leaping Boxer

Our beautiful, adventurous Ava! She is a little tomboy. If it rains, she runs outside to play. If there is a mud puddle, she jumps right into it. When the KTM 525 turns on, she is in attack mode going after it!

Baron does none of these things. He rarely goes outside if it rains. He avoids mud puddles and he could care less if the motorcycle roars.


Ava’s adventurous side knows no fear, well almost no fear, she hates when Colin fires up his pneumatic tools!

One of her favorite things to do is leap off of our back patio/deck area. There are 4 stairs that run down from the patio/deck to the ground. She will leap off the top as she runs outside and will run full steam and jump over the 4 stairs as she comes inside.

It is pretty adorable as her ears flop in the air!

My husband keeps him KTM 525 in the living room, so the easiest way to get it inside is to bring it in through the sliding glass door in the back. During these times, we have a ramp in place to allow him to push the motorcycle up it and into the house.

When the ramp is in place, she loves to go sit on it, stare outside and ponder life.


Sadly this week as she attempted to jump over the stairs to come back inside, her front leg caught which resulted in a broken leg :(

We took her to the vet immediately and he confirmed she broke it in one place and cracked it in another. With breaks comes surgery so we left her in the hands of our amazing vet.


We were able to come pick her up a few hours later. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Our poor baby!


The vet told us to make sure she doesn’t try to hop up on anything. We decided to make her a blanket bed on our living room floor! After this picture we added a couple of pillows and toys.

Baron even offers moral support!


Day two I stayed home from work to keep an eye on her. She preferred to spend most of the day curled up with me. I didn’t mind at all.


We took her to the vet this morning for a check up and to have her bandages re-wrapped. Everything is looking good!

She is becoming more mobile. It’s amazing how fast she can hobble around. She is already back to trying to attack Baron, which is her second favorite thing to do!

Ava will be back to 100% in no time! Just have to make sure she doesn’t try to hop up on things.

Do you know how hard it is to make a boxer not jump up?!?!