Adventurous Fitness & Yoga

For those of you that have read my blog for a while now or maybe you are new to the blog and have looked though some older posts, you know that I love adventure.

Riding motorcycles, hiking, racing sailboats, wake-boarding, hang gliding, SUP-ing, camping, the list goes on and on.

Adding on to all of those fun and adventurous hobbies, I recently graduated with my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification!!

Combining my love of yoga, a healthy lifestyle and adventure, I created Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

Adventurous Fitness & Yoga is where I have my yoga schedule (coming April 2015), prenatal yoga information (due date June 2015), workouts, healthy recipes, fitness related adventures and of course, YOGA POSTS!!!

Adventurous Wanderings didn’t feel like the right place to talk about a quinoa salad or poses for pregnant women. Plus, I need a business looking website for people to check out my yoga schedule.

These factors led to Adventurous Fitness & Yoga!

You can check out the website here! and the Facebook page here!!

It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely!!

Yogi on a motorcycle 5


Ava, The Leaping Boxer

Our beautiful, adventurous Ava! She is a little tomboy. If it rains, she runs outside to play. If there is a mud puddle, she jumps right into it. When the KTM 525 turns on, she is in attack mode going after it!

Baron does none of these things. He rarely goes outside if it rains. He avoids mud puddles and he could care less if the motorcycle roars.


Ava’s adventurous side knows no fear, well almost no fear, she hates when Colin fires up his pneumatic tools!

One of her favorite things to do is leap off of our back patio/deck area. There are 4 stairs that run down from the patio/deck to the ground. She will leap off the top as she runs outside and will run full steam and jump over the 4 stairs as she comes inside.

It is pretty adorable as her ears flop in the air!

My husband keeps him KTM 525 in the living room, so the easiest way to get it inside is to bring it in through the sliding glass door in the back. During these times, we have a ramp in place to allow him to push the motorcycle up it and into the house.

When the ramp is in place, she loves to go sit on it, stare outside and ponder life.


Sadly this week as she attempted to jump over the stairs to come back inside, her front leg caught which resulted in a broken leg :(

We took her to the vet immediately and he confirmed she broke it in one place and cracked it in another. With breaks comes surgery so we left her in the hands of our amazing vet.


We were able to come pick her up a few hours later. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Our poor baby!


The vet told us to make sure she doesn’t try to hop up on anything. We decided to make her a blanket bed on our living room floor! After this picture we added a couple of pillows and toys.

Baron even offers moral support!


Day two I stayed home from work to keep an eye on her. She preferred to spend most of the day curled up with me. I didn’t mind at all.


We took her to the vet this morning for a check up and to have her bandages re-wrapped. Everything is looking good!

She is becoming more mobile. It’s amazing how fast she can hobble around. She is already back to trying to attack Baron, which is her second favorite thing to do!

Ava will be back to 100% in no time! Just have to make sure she doesn’t try to hop up on things.

Do you know how hard it is to make a boxer not jump up?!?!

Yoga Teacher Training – The Graduation Class

One of the many things that I love about my yoga teacher training program is the graduation class. Each and every yogi gets to do an hour graduation class at the end of their training.

It’s one hour to let your love and style of yoga shine through. For this past weekend in training it was not only my graduation but two other beautiful yoga souls. You can check out their grad classes here!

For my class I wanted to do something funky and different. So I borrowed a couple of black lights and found a cool playlist, which you can check out on Sound Cloud here! Which if you are on Sound Cloud, follow me !!! I use it for my yoga and workout playlists!!!

In my head, I was planning on doing a more gentle yoga class but when I started teaching, it turned into more of a Flow I class. Then the AC didn’t kick on for a while and it turned into more of a Hot Flow I Class.

I’ll be honest, up until my graduation class I had no desire to teach a hot yoga class but this kind of made me open to teaching warm/hot yoga classes. Funny how events happen that change your perception on things.

The AC did come back on though so it cooled back off :)

Alright, so the class starts:

unnamed (5)

And the class ends!!!

unnamed (6)

Then there was the very first picture of me with my yoga teacher certification!!!

unnamed (7)

Afterwards, the yoda yogi (aka Jennifer, the director my training school, Pose By Pose Yoga) and I posed for the official graduation picture (check out my yoga hair!!!).

I can’t think of a more perfect moment to end my 200 hour teacher training then at sunset!



Yoga Teacher Training – The Last One – Graduation Weekend

A year ago I started my journey into yoga teacher training. Little did I know at that time, how amazing and life changing this adventure would be. The knowledge I have gained and the friendships I have formed have been truly fantastic!

This weekend was so special. Of course there was my graduation class but there were also two other graduation classes.

The grad classes are one of my most favorite thing from yoga teacher training. This is the moment when each person has a chance to let their personalities and styles shine.

Over the course of the last year, I have done a blind-folded class, a power class, a restorative class, a flow class, and a few other different styles of grad classes. Each one of those classes were so different and so personal. Some ended in laughs, while some ended in beautiful tears.

First up for doing her graduation class was Martha, one of the 500 hour yoga teachers in training, well now 500 hour graduate! Her graduation class was awesome. She incorporated these two into her class. I can honestly say, the pink ball is now going to be part of my personal practice. Way better than using a block with some poses!! Thank you Martha!!


The next graduation class of the weekend was by the lovely Alix! For her grad class she did a class that is true to her heart, Acro Yoga!!! She can rock acro like a rockstar!!

She had two friends join her in teaching us about 4 – 5 acro yoga poses. Alix and her crew are in the below pic wearing matching pants!!!


Remember when you were a kid and you got to airplane or superman?!?! Yep, we got to do that. And yes, you feel like a kid again. So much fun and everyone was laughing!


20150307_172205 20150307_173116

Then this happened, Shoulder Stand Acro Style!


We finished Alix’s Acro Class standing in a circle!


Then to round out the weekend, the last thing on the yoga training schedule was my graduation class!!!!

That is going to be its own blog posted!! It will be up on Thursday!!! Until then, have a great week!


Let’s Hear It For Time Bandit!

I am an avid sailor. For the past 6 months I had to take a hiatus due to health reasons but my love for sailing never stopped.

Over the course of my sailing “career” I have sailed on many sailboats. J24, Melges 24, J29, J35 and a few I can’t really remember.

My favorite is the J35, Time Bandit. This is the boat we race on and do our play sails on most of the time. Words can’t describe how special this boat is to us. So many memories and fun times!!

This past Saturday the crew took her out for race (I was at Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, post coming for that one).

As Time Bandit was getting ready for the start of the race, main and jib up, the mast snapped. Luckily no one was hurt and the conditions weren’t too bad. It was rainy with knots around 8 to 10 knots. They were able to get the sails and the rig back on the boat.

With this, the Time Bandit crew assembled at the yacht club Sunday morning to help take care of our girl.

Yes that is a bucket where the mast goes :)

Yes that is a bucket where the mast goes :)

Sunday was beautiful! Everyone was outside enjoying the weather! As we were cleaning off the sails I looked around at everyone on the water. This included some sailboats as there was another race going on.



I even had some yoga fun!


Once we got the sails cleaned off, we took off upstairs to kick back and have a drink while the sails dried. Then my husband had a brilliant idea, let’s take the boat out!!!

You don’t need sails to take a sail boat out! We had so much fun!!!

20150301_115247 20150301_115905 20150301_120624 20150301_122125

The wind started to die out so we ended up towing a couple of boats back to the yacht club.


Hopefully we can get a new stick in her soon so she will be back out sailing again soon!!!

Motorcycles, Semi, Glitter Bombs, Sushi and Yoga

What do all those things have in common?! They have been in my life during this past week! Prepare yourself for randomness!

I started volunteering at The Children’s Cancer Center. The first time I volunteered here was with my work over Christmas. I was so blown away by all that they do for families that have children with cancer or chronic blood disorders that I wanted to be more involved. Definitely check them out!!!! What they do for these families is amazing and so needed and so appreciated!

glitter bombs

Next on the random list, Colin and I ended up going for a test ride in a semi. Long story I’ll get to later but the test ride was a blast!!!!!!



The lack of sushi in the below picture is the aftermath of our date night. It was DELICIOUS!!!


12 years later and our friendships are still going strong. Sure we traded shots for baby bottles (there are only 3 of use without kids these days) and we wake up at 6am instead of going to bed at 6am but we make our girl’s nights count!



These epic furkids!


Motorcycles and yoga were of course thrown in because they have to be :)

Yoga in the woods

The perks of an enduro is you get to explore paths off the beaten path. Sometimes that takes you into a small creek!


And you get stuck in said creek.


We hit all our favorite riding spots!

20150222_134112 IMG_20150222_152428

This is my serious riding face…


Also had a photo shoot for my yoga teacher bio. This was the winner of all the photos!! Check out Adventurous Fitness & Yoga

This is my healthy eating, fitness, yoga with an adventurous flare project!

Yogi on a motorcycle 5

Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend 11

It has come and gone, month 11 of my 12 month journey into Yoga Teacher Training!

I say it every month, I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Feels like only yesterday I was starting training and now I am almost done!

To kick off training this month, we were in our new training location. The owner/teacher of the yoga school I go to is currently breaking ground on her own yoga studio to be completed this fall. While that is under way, we are in a temporary location, which I love!!

It is a bit smaller of a space but it is very cozy and sits on a lake. Perfect for taking things outside and into nature.

The view from the back deck is stunning!! Definitely beats being in the concrete jungle of the city.


Off to the side of the building is a great area filled with trees. Perfect for photo ops!

I’m on the left, first attempt at Hollow Back pose cause, “I ain’t no hollow back girl, ain’t no hollow back girl!”. Am I the only one that thinks of Gwen Stefani when someone says Hollow Back?!

20150207_180104 20150207_180250 20150207_180007 20150207_175721 20150207_175611

Located in the trees, were two perfect trees for slack lining! My girl Alix brought hers so we could play during lunch. It is way harder than it looks and just as fun as it looks!


Part of training involved inversion training! Which I LOVE!!! My hand stands are getting better! Day by day they improve. Day by day I get more comfortable moving away from the wall.

20150207_184112 20150207_183905

We had a beautiful presentation by Vivian who is a RYT-500. In the picture below, everything may seem random and unrelated but during Vivian’s presentation, she showed us how each of these items will set you up for success.


Aside from this, we did a lot of asana, philosophy, laughing, chatting and standing balances.

I’m so happy and yet so sad that my 200 hour certification journey is almost done. I am putting the finishing touches on my graduation class for next month! It’s going to be a cool and funky class..and there may or may not be a black light involved ;)

Then as icing on the cake, I start my 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Certification next weekend!!! By June 2015, I will be a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher!!

Good things happening!

No idea where I got this or the source to site... but I dig it

No idea where I got this or the source to site… but I dig it

So I close this post with a picture of the sunset from our new training location.